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厨房 chú fáng: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 4

厨房 (chú fáng) English Meaning

  • kitchen

Traditional Character:  廚房

厨 is only found in HSK 4.

房 forms words in:

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Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • |( jiān)

Sample Sentences

  • 在厨房里。
    Zài chúfáng lǐ.
    In the kitchen.
  • 她在厨房。
    Tā zài chúfáng.
    She is in the kitchen.
  • 客人们在厨房里。
    Kèrénmen zài chúfáng lǐ.
    The guests are in the kitchen.
  • 厨房里有咖啡吗?
    Chúfáng li yǒu kāfēi ma?
    Is there any coffee in the kitchen?
  • 我在厨房里喝汤。
    Wǒ zài chúfáng lǐ hē tāng.
    I’m eating soup in the kitchen.
  • 厨房里有一只猫。
    Chúfáng li yǒuyī zhǐ māo.
    There is a cat in the kitchen.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

HSK 4 chu 2

厨 (chú): kitchen

  •  (chǎng): production facility
  •  (dòu): pea
  •  (cùn): thumb
hsk 2 fang

房 (fáng): house; room; CL: 間|间(jiān); branch of an extended family; classifier for family members (or concubines)

  •  (hù): gate
  •  (fāng): square, direction

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