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只要 zhǐ yào: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 4

只要 (zhǐ yào) English Meaning

  • if only
  • so long as

Traditional Character:  只要

只 forms words in:

要 forms words in:

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Sample Sentences

  • 你只要问就好了。
    Nǐ zhǐyào wèn jiù hǎole.
    You have only to ask for it.
  • 您只要中号就够了。
    Nín zhǐyào zhōng hào jiù gòule.
    You only need a medium size.
  • 只要你开心就行了。
    Zhǐyào nǐ kāixīn jiùxíngle.
    I don’t care as long as you’re happy.
  • 只要没有肉,都可以。
    Zhǐyào méiyǒu ròu, dōu kěyǐ.
    As long as there’s no meat, anything is fine.
  • 只要雨一停我们就走。
    Zhǐyào yǔ yī tíng wǒmen jiù zǒu.
    Let’s go as soon as it stops raining.
  • 你只要努力就可以了。
    Nǐ zhǐyào nǔlì jiù kěyǐle.
    You only have to try hard.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

只 (zhǐ): only; merely; just; but

  • 口 (kǒu): mouth
  • 丶 (zhǔ): stroke

要 (yào): to demand; to request; to coerce

  •  (xī): lid
  •  (nǚ): woman

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  • 要(yào):  to want; will; going to (as future auxiliary); important; vital; may; must

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*CL: Classifier/Measure Word

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