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堵车 dǔ chē: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 4

堵车 (dǔ chē) English Meaning

  • traffic jam
  • choking

Traditional Characters:  堵車

堵 forms words in:

车 forms words in:

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Sample Sentences

  • 现在才6点半,怎么会堵车呢?
    Xiànzài cái 6 diǎn bàn, zěnme huì dǔchē ne?
    Its only 6:30, how can there be a traffic jam now?
  • 你现在出门的话,肯定会堵车的。
    Nǐ xiànzài chūmén dehuà, kěndìng huì dǔchē de.
    You will be stuck in traffic if you leave now.
  • 快要到早上的繁忙时段了,我们还不出发就要堵车了。
    Kuàiyào dào zǎoshang de fánmáng shíduànle, wǒmen hái bù chūfā jiù yào dǔchēle.
    Its almost morning rush hour, we will be stuck in traffic if we don’t get going.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

堵 (dǔ): to stop up; (to feel) stifled or suffocated; wall; classifier for walls

  • 土 (tǔ): earth
  • 者 (zhě): (after a verb or adjective) one who (is) …; (after a noun) person involved in …; -er; -ist; (used after a number or 後|后(hòu) or 前(qián) to refer to something mentioned previously); (used after a term, to mark a pause before defining the term); (old) (used at the end of a command); (old) this

车 (chē): car; vehicle; CL: 辆 (liàng); machine; to shape with a lathe

  • 车 (chē): car

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  • 堵塞 (dǔ sè): to block; to stop; blockage

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  • 刹车 (shā chē): to brake (when driving); to stop; to switch off; to check (bad habits); a brake

*CL: Classifier/Measure Word

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