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抱歉 bào qiàn: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 4

抱歉 (bào qiàn) English Meaning

  • sorry
  • We apologize!
  • to feel apologetic
  • to regret

Traditional Characters:  抱歉

抱 forms words in:

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歉 forms words in:

Sample Sentences

  • 很抱歉!
    Hěn bàoqiàn!
    I’m really sorry.
  • 抱歉,我没钱。
    Bàoqiàn, wǒ méi qián.
    Sorry, I don’t have any money.
  • 哦,我很抱歉。
    Ó, wǒ hěn bàoqiàn.
    Oh, I’m really sorry.
  • 抱歉,我迟到了。
    Bàoqiàn, wǒ chídàole.
    Sorry, I am late.
  • 我很抱歉回复晚了。
    Wǒ hěn bàoqiàn huífù wǎnle.
    I’m sorry for the late response.
  • 抱歉,我现在很忙。
    Bàoqiàn, wǒ xiànzài hěn máng.
    I’m sorry, I’m busy right now.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

HSK 4 bao

抱 (bào): to hold; to carry (in one's arms); to hug; to embrace; to surround; to cherish

  •  (shou): hand
  •  (bāo): to cover; to wrap; to hold; to include; to take charge of; to contract (to or for); package; wrapper; container; bag; to hold or embrace; bundle; packet; CL: 個|個|个(gè),隻|只(zhī)
HSK 4 qian

歉 (qiàn): to apologize; to regret; deficient

  •  (jiān): double; twice; simultaneous; holding two or more (official) posts at the same time
  •  (qiàn): tired

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HSK 5 Word List

  • 抱怨 (bào yuàn): to complain; to grumble
  • 拥抱 (yōng bào): to embrace; to hug; to hold in one’s arms

HSK 6 Word List

  • 抱负 (bào fù): aspiration; ambition

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