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招聘 zhāo pìn: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 4

招聘 (zhāo pìn) English Meaning

  • recruitment
  • to invite applications for a job

Traditional Character:  招聘

招 forms words in:

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聘 forms words in:

Sample Sentences

  • 登一则招聘广告,也许有用。
    Dēng yī zé zhāopìn guǎnggào, yěxǔ yǒuyòng.
    It may be useful to post a want ad.
  • 计划是在下月底之前招聘5名Java工程师。
    Jìhuà shì zàixià yuèdǐ zhīqián zhāopìn 5 míng Java gōngchéngshī.
    The plan is to recruit 5 Java engineers before the end of next month.
  • 招聘服务员。
    Zhāopìn fúwùyuán.
    Waiter needed.
  • 招聘店员。请进面洽。
    Zhāopìn diànyuán. Qǐng jìn miànqià.
    Shop assistant required. Apply within.
  • `招聘秘书:须有经验。'
    `Zhāopìn mìshū: Xū yǒu jīngyàn.’
    `Secretary wanted: previous experience essential.’
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Stroke Order & Character Components

招 (zhāo): to recruit; to provoke; to beckon; to incur; to infect; contagious; a move (chess); a maneuver; device; trick; to confess

  • 扌 (shou): hand
  • 召 (zhào): to call together; to summon; to convene; temple or monastery (used in place names in Inner Mongolia)

聘 (pìn): to engage (a teacher, etc.); to hire; to betroth; betrothal gift; to get married (of woman)

  •  (ěr): ear
  •  (pīng): chivalrous knight

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