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按时 àn shí: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 4

按时 (àn shí) English Meaning

  • on time
  • before deadline
  • on schedule

Traditional Characters:  按時

按 forms words in:

时 forms words in:

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Sample Sentences

  • 我按时到了学校。
    Wǒ ànshí dàole xuéxiào.
    I arrived at school on time.
  • 她决不能按时完成。
    Tā jué bùnéng ànshí wánchéng.
    She’ll never finish in time.
  • 她会尽量按时赶来的。
    Tā huì jǐnliàng ànshí gǎn lái de.
    She will try her best to arrive on time.
  • 只有这次他是按时到了。
    Zhǐyǒu zhè cì tā shì ànshí dàole.
    Just for once he arrived on time.
  • 我们将按时到达,是吗?
    Wǒmen jiāng ànshí dàodá, shì ma?
    We’ll be on time, won’t we?
  • 有时候火车没能按时到达。
    Yǒu shíhòu huǒchē méi néng ànshí dàodá.
    At times the train doesn’t arrive on time.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

HSK 4 an 4

按 (àn): to press; to push; to leave aside or shelve; to control; to restrain; to keep one's hand on; to check or refer to; according to; in the light of; (of an editor or author) to make a comment

  •  (shou): hand
  •  (ān): safe; secure; content; calm; still; quiet; in good health; to find a place for; to install; to fix; to fit; to bring (a charge against sb); to pacify; to harbor (good intentions); security; safety; peace; ampere

时 (shí): o'clock; time; when; hour; season; period

  • (rì): sun
  • (cùn): thumb

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