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答案 dá àn: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 4

答案 (dá àn) English Meaning

  • answer
  • solution

Traditional Characters:  答案

答 forms words in:

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案 forms words in:

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Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • |(gè)

Sample Sentences

  • 猜一下答案。
    Cāi yīxià dá’àn.
    Guess the answer.
  • 你知道答案吗?
    Nǐ zhīdào dá’àn ma?
    Do you know the answer?
  • 我的答案对不对?
    Wǒ de dá’àn duì bùduì?
    Is my answer correct?
  • 不可能找得到答案。
    Bù kěnéng zhǎo dédào dá’àn.
    It was impossible to find an answer.
  • 要想好答案再动笔。
    Yào xiǎng hǎo dá’àn zài dòngbǐ.
    Don’t write until you have a good answer.
  • 你的问题没有答案。
    Nǐ de wèntí méiyǒu dá’àn.
    There is no answer to your question.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

hsk 3 da

答 (dá): reply; answer; return; respond; echo

  • ⺮(shì): bamboo
  • 合(hé): to close; to join; to fit; to be equal to; whole; together; round (in battle); conjunction (astronomy); 1st note of pentatonic scale; old variant of 盒(hé)
HSK 4 an 4

案 (àn): (legal) case; incident; record; file; table

  •  (ān): safe; secure; content; calm; still; quiet; in good health; to find a place for; to install; to fix; to fit; to bring (a charge against somebody); to pacify; to harbor (good intentions); security; safety; peace; ampere
  •  (mù): tree

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  • 答应(dā ying): to agree; to promise; to reply; to respond

HSK 6 Word List

  • 报答(bào dá): to repay; to requite
  • 答辩(dá biàn): to reply (to an accusation)
  • 答复(dá fù): to answer; to reply; Reply to: (in email header)

*CL: Classifier/Measure Word

Links to all HSK Words & Lists Containing 案

HSK 4 Word List

HSK 5 Word List

  • 方案 (fāng àn): plan (for action); program (for action, etc.); proposal; proposed bill; CL: 個|个(gè)

HSK 6 Word List

  • 案件 (àn jiàn): law case; legal case; judicial case; CL: 宗(zōng), 桩(zhuāng), 起(qǐ)
  • 案例 (àn lì): case (law); CL: 個|个(gè)
  • 草案 (cǎo àn): draft (legislation, proposal, etc.)
  • 档案 (dàng àn): file; record; archive; Taiwan pronunciation dǎng àn
  • 图案 (tú àn): design; pattern

*CL: Classifier/Measure Word

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