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糖 táng: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 4

糖 (táng) English Meaning

  • sugar
  • sweets
  • candy

Traditional Character:  

糖 is only found in HSK 4.

Corresponding Classifiers|Measure Words:

  • (kē)
  • (kuài)

Sample Sentences

  • 有没有糖?
    Yǒu méiyǒu táng?
    Is there any sugar?
  • 糖溶于热水。
    Táng róng yú rè shuǐ.
    Sugar melts in hot water.
  • 我们没有糖。
    Wǒmen méiyǒu táng.
    We don’t have any sugar.
  • 你用多少糖?
    Nǐ yòng duōshǎo táng?
    How much sugar do you use?
  • 多放一点糖。
    Duō fàng yīdiǎn táng.
    Put in a little more sugar.
  • 我想要一颗糖。
    Wǒ xiǎng yào yī kē táng.
    I want a piece of candy.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

HSK 4 tang 2
  • 米 (mǐ): rice
  • 唐 (táng): to exaggerate; empty; in vain; old variant of 螗(táng)
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