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脏 zāng: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 4

脏 (zāng) English Meaning

  • dirty

Traditional Character:  

脏 forms words in:

Sample Sentences

  • 小冰箱很脏。
    Xiǎo bīngxiāng hěn zàng.
    The little fridge is dirty.
  • 她想洗脏衣服。
    Tā xiǎng xǐ zàng yīfú.
    She wanted to wash the dirty clothes. 
  • 那个掸子很脏。
    Nàgè dǎnzi hěn zàng.
    That duster is very dirty.
  • 那个茶壶很脏啊!
    Nàgè cháhú hěn zàng a!
    That teapot’s pretty dirty.
  • 别用你的脏手碰这个。
    Bié yòng nǐ de zàng shǒu pèng zhège.
    Don’t touch this with your dirty hands.
  • 她把脏盘子放进水池里。
    Tā bǎ zàng pánzi fàng jìn shuǐchí lǐ.
    She put thedirty dishes in the sink.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

脏 (zàng): viscera; (anatomy) organ

  •  (yuè): moon
  •  (zhuāng): farmstead; village; manor; place of business; banker (in a gambling game); grave or solemn; holdings of a landlord (in imperial China)

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