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观众 guān zhòng: Meaning and Pronunciation / HSK 4

观众 (guān zhòng) English Meaning

  • spectators
  • audience
  • visitors (to an exhibition, etc.)

Traditional Characters:  觀眾

观 forms words in:

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众 forms words in:

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Sample Sentences

  • 观众深受感动。
    Guānzhòng shēn shòu gǎndòng.
    The audience was deeply affected.
  • 观众人数庞大。
    Guānzhòng rénshù pángdà.
    The audience was very large.
  • 观众总计达两万人。
    Guānzhòng zǒngjì dá liǎng wàn rén.
    The audience totalled 20, 000.
  • 观众似乎觉得无聊。
    Guānzhòng sìhū juédé wúliáo.
    The audience seems bored.
  • 她把观众逗得捧腹大笑。
    Tā bǎ guānzhòng dòu dé pěngfù dà xiào.
    She made the audience laugh.
  • 所有的观众都站起来鼓掌。
    Suǒyǒu de guānzhòng dōu zhàn qǐlái gǔzhǎng.
    The audience stood up and applauded.
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Stroke Order & Character Components

HSK 4 guan 1

观 (guān): to look at; to watch; to observe; to behold; to advise; concept; point of view; outlook

  • ヌ (yòu): still / hand
  • 见 (jiàn): to see
HSK 4 zhong 4

众 (zhòng): many; numerous; crowd; multitude

  •  (rén): man
  •  (cóng): from; via; passing through; through (a gap); past; ever (followed by negative, meaning never); (formerly pronounced zòng and related to 縱|纵) to follow; to comply with; to obey; to join; to engage in; adopting some mode of action or attitude; follower; retainer; accessory; accomplice; related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor

Links to all HSK Words & Lists Containing 观

HSK 4 Word List

HSK 5 Word List

  • 悲观 (bēi guān): pessimistic
  • 观察 (guān chá): to observe; to watch; to survey; to examine; observation; view; perspective; CL: 個|个(gè)
  • 观点 (guān diǎn): point of view; viewpoint; standpoint; CL: 個|个(gè)
  • 观念 (guān niàn): thought; notion; concept; sense; views; ideology; general impressions
  • 客观 (kè guān): objective; impartial
  • 乐观 (lè guān): optimistic; hopeful
  • 主观 (zhǔ guān): subjective

HSK 6 Word List

  • 观光 (guān guāng): to tour; sightseeing; tourism
  • 宏观 (hóng guān): macro-; macroscopic; holistic
  • 可观 (kě guān): considerable
  • 美观 (měi guān): pleasing to the eye; beautiful; artistic
  • 微观 (wēi guān): micro-; sub-atomic
  • 壮观 (zhuàng guān): spectacular; magnificent sight

*CL: Classifier/Measure Word

Links to all HSK Words & Lists Containing 众

HSK 4 Word List

HSK 6 Word List

  • 群众 (qún zhòng): mass; multitude; the masses
  • 众所周知 (zhòng suǒ zhōu zhī): as everyone knows (idiom)
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