HSK 4 Word List

This HSK 4 (Version 2.0) Vocabulary List contains 600 words.Click on any word you want to explore further by using the links within the table. Listen to the audio for all words below, or listen to individual words within the table.  

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爱情ài qíng愛情romance; love (romantic); CL: 個|个(gè)
安排ān pái安排to arrange; to plan; to set up
安全ān quán安全safe; secure; safety; security
按时àn shí按時on time; before deadline; on schedule
按照àn zhào按照according to; in accordance with; in the light of; on the basis of
百分之bǎi fēn zhī 百分之percent
bànga stick; club or cudgel; smart; capable; strong; wonderful; classifier for legs of a relay race
bàoto hold; to carry (in one's arms); to hug or embrace; surround; cherish
保护bǎo hù保護to protect; to defend; to safeguard; protection; CL: 種|种(zhǒng)
报名bào míng報名to sign up; to enter one's name; to apply; to register; to enroll; to enlist
抱歉bào qiàn抱歉sorry; We apologize!; to feel apologetic; to regret
保证bǎo zhèng保證guarantee; to guarantee; to ensure; to safeguard; to pledge; 個|个
包子bāo zi包子steamed stuffed bun; CL: 個|个(gè)
bèi(two, three, etc.) -fold; times (multiplier); double; to increase or multiply
bènstupid; foolish; silly; slow-witted; clumsy
本来běn lái本來original; originally; at first; it goes without saying; of course
比如bǐ rú比如for example; for instance; such as
毕业bì yè畢業to graduate; graduation; to finish school
biàna time; everywhere; turn; all over; one time
表格biǎo gé表格form; table; CL: 张(zhāng), 份(fèn)
表示biǎo shì表示to express; to show; to say; to state; to indicate; to mean
表演biǎo yǎn表演play; show; performance; exhibition; to perform; to act; to demonstrate; CL: 场(chǎng)
表扬biǎo yáng表揚to praise; to commend
标准biāo zhǔn標準(an official) standard; norm; criterion; CL: 個|个(gè)
饼干bǐng gān餅乾biscuit; cracker; cookie; CL: 片(piàn), 块(kuài)
并且bìng qiě並且moreover; furthermore; in addition; besides; and
博士bó shì博士doctor; court academician (in feudal China); Ph.D.
不得不bù dé bù不得不have no choice or option but to; cannot but; have to; can't help it; can't avoid
部分bù fen部分part; share; section; piece; CL: 個|个(gè)
不管bù guǎn不管no matter (what, how); regardless of; no matter
不过bú guò不過only; merely; no more than; but; however; anyway (to get back to a previous topic)
不仅bù jǐn不僅not only (this one); not just (...) but also
to wipe; to erase; rubbing (brush stroke in painting); to clean; to polish
cāito guess
材料cái liào材料material; data; makings; stuff; CL: 個|个(gè), 種|种(zhǒng)
参观cān guān參觀to look around; to inspect; visit and observe
餐厅cān tīng餐廳dining-hall; dining-room; restaurant; CL: 間|间(jiān), 家(jiā)
厕所cè suǒ廁所toilet; lavatory; CL: 間|间(jiān), 处(chù)
差不多chà bu duō差不多almost; nearly; more or less
chángto try (to taste); to experience; flavor; (past tense marker); already; formerly; ever; once; test
chǎnglarge place used for a specific purpose; stage; scene (of a play); threshing floor; classifier for sporting or recreational activities; classifier for number of exams
长城cháng chéng長城the Great Wall
长江cháng jiāng長江Changjiang river; Yangtze river
超过chāo guò超過to surpass; to exceed; to outstrip
乘坐chéng zuò乘坐to ride (in a vehicle)
成功chéng gōng成功success; to succeed; CL: 次(cì), 個|个
诚实chéng shí誠實honest; honesty; honorable; truthful
成为chéng wéi成為to become; to turn into
吃惊chī jīng吃驚to be startled; to be shocked; to be amazed
重新chóng xīn重新again; once more; re-
抽烟chōu yān抽煙to smoke (a cigarette, tobacco)
出差chū chāi出差to go on an official or business trip
出发chū fā出發to start out; to set off
厨房chú fáng廚房kitchen; CL: 間|间( jiān)
出生chū shēng出生to be born
出现chū xiàn出現to appear; to arise; to emerge; to show up
传真chuán zhēn傳真fax; facsimile
窗户chuāng hu窗戶window; CL: 個|个(gè), 扇(shàn)
词语cí yǔ詞語word (general term including monosyllables through to short phrases); term (e.g. technical term); expression
从来cóng lái從來always; at all times; never (if used in negative sentence)
粗心cū xīn粗心careless; thoughtless
cúnexist; deposit; store; keep; survive
错误cuò wù錯誤error; mistake; mistaken; CL: 個|个(gè)
答案dá àn答案answer; solution; CL: 個|个(gè)
打扮dǎ ban打扮to decorate; to dress; to make up; to adorn; manner of dressing; style of dress
大概dà gài大概roughly; probably; rough; approximate; about
打扰dǎ rǎo打擾to disturb; to bother; to trouble
大使馆dà shǐ guǎn大使館embassy; CL: 座(zuò), 個|个
打印dǎ yìn打印to print; to seal; to stamp
大约dà yuē大約approximately; about
打招呼dǎ zhāo hu打招呼to greet somebody by word or action; to give prior notice
打折dǎ zhé打折to give a discount
打针dǎ zhēn打針to give or have an injection
大夫dài fu大夫doctor; minister of state (in pre-Han states); CL: 個|个(gè), 位(wèi)
dàito put on or wear (glasses, hat, gloves, etc.); to respect; to bear; to support
dāngto be; manage; withstand; when; during; ought; should; match equally; equal; same; obstruct; just at (a time or place); on the spot; right; just at
当时dāng shí當時then; at that time; while
dāoknife; CL: 把(bǎ)
dàoto move backwards; converse
到处dào chù到處in all places; everywhere
到底dào dǐ到底finally; in the end; when all is said and done; after all; to the end; to the last
道歉dào qiàn道歉to apologize; to make an apology
导游dǎo yóu導遊tour guide; to conduct a tour; a guidebook
to have to, to need to (particle used to express capability, possibility, degree, effect...); must; ought to; to need to
得意dé yì得意proud of oneself; pleased with oneself; complacent
登机牌dēng jī pái登機牌boarding pass
děngetc. (indicating the end of an enumeration)
low; beneath; to lower (one's head); to let droop; to hang down; to incline
background; bottom; base; the end of a period of time; towards the end of (last month)
地点dì diǎn 地點place; site; location; venue; CL: 個|个(gè); 
地球dì qiú地球the Earth; planet; CL: 個|个(gè)
地址dì zhǐ地址address; CL: 個|个(gè)
diàoto fall; to drop; to lag behind; to lose; to go missing; to reduce; fall (in prices); to lose (value, weight, etc.); to wag; to swing; to turn; to change; to exchange; to swap; to show off; to shed (hair)
调查diào chá調查investigation; inquiry; to investigate; to survey; survey; (opinion) poll; CL: 项(xiàng), 個|个
diūto lose; to put aside; to throw
动作dòng zuò動作movement; motion; action; CL: 個|个(gè)
堵车dǔ chē堵車traffic jam; choking
肚子dù zi肚子belly; abdomen; stomach; CL: 個|个(gè)
短信duǎn xìn短信text message; SMS
对话duì huà對話dialog; CL: 個|个(gè)
对面duì miàn對面opposite
对于duì yú對於regarding; as far as something is concerned; with regards to
éryet (not); and; as well as; and so; but (not); (indicates causal relation); (indicates change of state); (indicates contrast)
儿童ér tóng兒童child; CL: 個|个(gè)
法律fǎ lǜ法律law; CL: 条(tiáo), 套(tào), 個|个
发生fā shēng發生to happen; to occur; to take place; to break out
发展fā zhǎn發展development; growth; to develop; to grow; to expand
反对fǎn duì反對to fight against; to oppose; to be opposed to; opposition
烦恼fán nǎo煩惱agonize; agony; annoyance; upset; vexation; worries
翻译fān yì翻譯to translate; to interpret; translator; interpreter; translation; interpretation; CL: 個|个(gè), 位(wèi), 名(míng)
房东fáng dōng房東landlord
方法fāng fǎ方法method; way; means; CL: 個|个(gè)
方面fāng miàn方面respect; aspect; field; side; CL: 個|个(gè)
放弃fàng qì放棄to renounce; to abandon; to give up
放暑假fàng shǔ jià放暑假take summer vacation
放松fàng sōng放鬆to loosen; to relax
方向fāng xiàng方向direction; orientation; path to follow; CL: 個|个(gè)
fènpart; share; portion; copy; classifier for gifts, newspaper, magazine, papers, reports, contracts, etc.
丰富fēng fù豐富rich; plentiful; abundant
否则fǒu zé否則if not; otherwise; else; or else
rich; surname Fu
符合fú hé符合in keeping with; in accordance with; tallying with; in line with; to agree with; to accord with; to conform to; to correspond with; to manage; to handle
付款fù kuǎn付款pay; payment
父亲fù qīn父親father; also pr. with light tone (fù qin); CL: 個|个(gè)
复印fù yìn複印to photocopy; to duplicate a document
复杂fù zá複雜complicated; complex
负责fù zé負責to be in charge of; to take responsibility for; to be to blame; conscientious
改变gǎi biàn改變to change; to alter; to transform
gǎnto dare; daring; (polite) may I venture
gǎn to overtake; to catch up with; to hurry; to rush; to try to catch (the bus, etc.); to drive (cattle, etc.) forward; to drive (somebody) away; to avail oneself of (an opportunity); until
gànto do (some work); to manage; to work
干杯gān bēi乾杯to drink a toast; Cheers! (proposing a toast); Here's to you!; Bottoms up!; literally dry cup
感动gǎn dòng感動to move (somebody); to touch (somebody emotionally); moving
感觉gǎn jué感覺to feel; to become aware of; feeling; sense; perception; CL: 個|个(gè)
感情gǎn qíng感情feeling; emotion; sensation; likes and dislikes; deep affection for somebody or something; relationship (i.e. love affair); CL: 個|个(gè), 種|种(zhǒng)
感谢gǎn xiè感謝(express) thanks; gratitude; grateful; thankful; thanks
gāngjust; barely; exactly; hard; firm; strong
高速公路gāo sù gōng lù高速公路expressway; highway; freeway
each; every
胳膊gē bo胳膊arm; CL: 只(zhī), 条(tiáo), 双(shuāng)
功夫gōng fu功夫skill; art; kung fu; labor; effort
公里gōng lǐ公里kilometer
共同gòng tóng共同common; joint; jointly; together; collaborative
工资gōng zī工資wages; pay; CL: 個|个(gè), 份(fèn), 月(yuè)
gòuto reach; to be enough
购物gòu wù購物shopping
估计gū jì估計to estimate; to reckon; CL: 個|个(gè)
顾客gù kè顧客client; customer; CL: 位(wèi)
鼓励gǔ lì鼓勵to encourage
故意gù yì故意deliberately; on purpose
guàto hang or suspend (from a hook, etc.); (of a telephone call) to hang up; to be worried or concerned; to make a phone call (topolect); to register or record; to hitch; classifier for sets or clusters of objects
关键guān jiàn關鍵crucial point; crux; CL: 個|个(gè); key; crucial; pivotal
观众guān zhòng觀眾spectators; audience; visitors (to an exhibition, etc.)
管理guǎn lǐ管理to supervise; to manage; to administer; management; administration; CL: 個|个(gè)
guānglight (ray); light; ray; CL: 道(dào); bright; only; merely; to use up
guàngto stroll; to visit
广播guǎng bō廣播broadcast; widely spread; CL: 個|个(gè)
广告guǎng gào廣告to advertise; a commercial; advertisement; CL: 项(xiàng)
规定guī dìng規定to stipulate; to fix; to set; to formulate; to provide; regulation; rule; CL: 個|个(gè)
国籍guó jí國籍nationality
国际guó jì國際international
果汁guǒ zhī果汁fruit juice
过程guò chéng過程course of events; process; CL: 個|个(gè)
海洋hǎi yáng海洋ocean; CL: 個|个(gè)
害羞hài xiū害羞blush; shy
hànperspiration; sweat; Khan (Persian or Mongol king or emperor); Khan (name); to be speechless (out of helplessness, embarrassment, etc.) (Internet slang used as an interjection); CL: 滴(dī), 头(tóu), 身(shēn)
寒假hán jià寒假winter vacation
航班háng bān航班scheduled flight; flight number; plane; scheduled sailing; sailing number; passenger ship
好处hǎo chu好處benefit; advantage; gain; profit; also pronounced hǎo chù; CL: 個|个(gè)
号码hào mǎ號碼number; CL: 堆(duī), 個|个
好像hǎo xiàng好像as if; to seem like
合格hé gé合格qualified; meeting a standard; eligible (voter)
合适hé shì合適suitable; fitting; decent; to fit
盒子hé zi盒子box
hòuthick; deep or profound; kind; generous; rich or strong in flavor; to favor; to stress
后悔hòu huǐ後悔to regret; to repent
互联网hù lián wǎng互聯網the Internet
护士hù shi護士nurse; CL: 個|个(gè)
互相hù xiāng互相each other; mutually; mutual
怀疑huái yí懷疑to suspect; to doubt; doubt; suspicion; skeptical
回忆huí yì回憶to recall; recollection; CL: 個|个(gè)
huǒfire; CL: 把(bǎ)
获得huò dé獲得to obtain; to receive; to get
活动huó dòng活動to exercise; to move about; to operate; activity; loose; shaky; active; movable; maneuver; to use connections; CL: 项(xiàng), 個|个
活泼huó po活潑lively; vivacious; brisk; active
to live (in a house); to lodge; to mail; to send; to entrust; to depend
基础jī chǔ基礎base; foundation; basis; underlying; CL: 個|个(gè)
激动jī dòng激動to excite; to agitate; exciting
计划jì huà計劃plan; project; program; to plan; to map out; CL: 個|个(gè), 项(xiàng)
积极jī jí積極active; energetic; vigorous; positive (outlook); proactive
积累jī lěi積累to accumulate; accumulation; cumulative; cumulatively
既然jì rán既然since; as; this being the case
即使jí shǐ即使even if; even though; given that
及时jí shí及時in time; promptly; without delay; timely
技术jì shù技術technology; technique; skill; CL: 門|门(mén), 種|种(zhǒng), 项(xiàng)
继续jì xù繼續to continue; to proceed with; to go on with
记者jì zhě記者reporter; journalist; CL: 個|个(gè)
jiǎfake; false; artificial; to borrow; if; suppose
加班jiā bān加班to work overtime
价格jià gé價格price; CL: 個|个(gè)
家具jiā jù家具furniture; CL: 件(jiàn), 套(tào)
加油站jiā yóu zhàn加油站gas station
坚持jiān chí堅持to continue upholding; to remain committed to; persistence; to persist; to uphold; to insist on; persevere
减肥jiǎn féi減肥to lose weight
减少jiǎn shǎo減少to lessen; to decrease; to reduce; to lower
建议jiàn yì建議to propose; to suggest; to recommend; proposal; suggestion; recommendation; CL: 個|个(gè), 点(diǎn)
降低jiàng dī降低to reduce; to lower; to bring down
奖金jiǎng jīn獎金award money; premium; a bonus
将来jiāng lái將來in the future; future; the future; CL: 個|个(gè)
降落jiàng luò降落to descend; to land
jiāoto hand over; to deliver; to pay (money); to turn over; to make friends; to intersect (lines)
骄傲jiāo ào驕傲arrogant; full of oneself; conceited; proud of something; CL: 個|个(gè)
交流jiāo liú交流exchange; give-and-take; to exchange; to alternate; communication; alternating current (electricity)
郊区jiāo qū郊區suburban district; outskirts; suburbs; CL: 個|个(gè)
教授jiào shòu教授professor; to instruct; to lecture on; CL: 個|个(gè), 位(wèi)
交通jiāo tōng交通traffic; communications; liaison; to be connected
教育jiào yù教育to educate; to teach; education
饺子jiǎo zi餃子dumpling; pot-sticker; CL: 個|个(gè), 只(zhī)
jiéfestival; holiday; node; joint; section; segment; part; to economize; to save; to abridge; moral integrity; classifier for segments, e.g. lessons, train wagons, biblical verses; CL: 個|个(gè)
结果jié guǒ結果result; outcome; effect; in the event; so that
解释jiě shì解釋explanation; to explain; to interpret; to resolve; CL: 個|个(gè)
接受jiē shòu接受to accept; to receive
节约jié yuē節約to economize; to conserve (resources); economy; frugal
接着jiē zhe接著to catch and hold on; to continue; to go on to do something; to follow; to carry on; then; after that; subsequently; to proceed; to ensue; in turn; in one's turn
尽管jǐn guǎn儘管despite; although; even though; in spite of; unhesitatingly; do not hesitate (to ask, complain, etc.); (go ahead and do it) without hesitating
进行jìn xíng進行to advance; to conduct; underway; in progress; to do; to carry out; to carry on; to execute
紧张jǐn zhāng緊張nervous; keyed up; intense; tense; strained; in short supply; scarce; CL: 陣|阵(zhèn)
禁止jìn zhǐ禁止to prohibit; to forbid; to ban
精彩jīng cǎi精彩splendid; brilliant
警察jǐng chá警察police; policeman; policewoman; CL: 個|个(gè)
经济jīng jì經濟economy; economic
京剧jīng jù京劇Beijing opera; CL: 场(chǎng), 出(chū)
经历jīng lì經歷experience; to experience; to go through; CL: 個|个(gè), 次(cì)
竟然jìng rán竟然unexpectedly; to one's surprise; in spite of everything; in that crazy way; actually; to go as far as to
景色jǐng sè景色scenery; scene; landscape; view
经验jīng yàn經驗to experience; experience
竞争jìng zhēng競爭to compete; competition
镜子jìng zi鏡子mirror; CL: 面(miàn), 個|个
究竟jiū jìng究竟after all (when all is said and done); actually; outcome; result
to lift; to hold up; to cite; to enumerate; to act; to raise; to choose; to elect
举办jǔ bàn舉辦to conduct; to hold
聚会jù huì聚會party; gathering; to meet; to get together
拒绝jù jué拒絕to refuse; to decline; to reject
距离jù lí距離distance; to be apart; CL: 個|个(gè)
举行jǔ xíng舉行to hold (a meeting, ceremony, etc.)
开玩笑kāi wán xiào開玩笑to play a joke; to make fun of; to joke
开心kāi xīn開心to feel happy; to rejoice; to have a great time; to make fun of somebody
看法kàn fǎ看法way of looking at a thing; view; opinion; CL: 個|个(gè)
烤鸭kǎo yā烤鴨roast duck
考虑kǎo lǜ考慮to think over; to consider; consideration
classifier for trees, cabbages, plants, etc.
可怜kě lián可憐pitiful; pathetic
可是kě shì可是but; however
咳嗽ké sou咳嗽to cough; CL: 陣|阵(zhèn)
客厅kè tīng客廳drawing room (room for arriving guests); living room; CL: 間|间( jiān)
可惜kě xī可惜it is a pity; what a pity; (it's) too bad
科学kē xué科學science; scientific knowledge; scientific; CL: 門|门(mén), 個|个, 種|种(zhǒng)
肯定kěn dìng肯定to be sure; to be certain; sure; certain; definite; to confirm; to affirm; affirmative
kōng to empty; vacant; unoccupied; space; leisure; free time; 
恐怕kǒng pà恐怕to fear; to dread; I'm afraid that...; perhaps; maybe
空气kōng qì空氣air; atmosphere
bitter; hardship; pain; to suffer; painstaking
矿泉水kuàng quán shuǐ礦泉水mineral spring water; CL: 瓶(píng), 杯(bēi)
kùnto be trapped; to surround; to be hard-pressed; stranded; destitute
困难kùn nan困難(financial, etc.) difficulty; problem; issue; CL: 個|个(gè)
垃圾桶lā jī tǒng垃圾桶rubbish bin
to pull; to play (string instruments); to drag; to draw
hot (spicy); pungent
来不及lái bu jí來不及there's not enough time (to do something); it's too late (to do something)
来得及lái de jí來得及there's still time; able to do something in time
来自lái zì來自to come from (a place); From: (in email header)
浪费làng fèi浪費to waste; to squander
浪漫làng màn浪漫romantic
老虎lǎo hǔ老虎tiger; CL: 只(zhī)
冷静lěng jìng冷靜calm; cool-headed
礼拜天lǐ bài tiān禮拜天Sunday
理发lǐ fà理髮a barber; hairdressing
厉害lì hai厲害difficult to deal with; difficult to endure; ferocious; radical; serious; terrible; violent; tremendous; awesome
理解lǐ jiě理解to comprehend; to understand; comprehension; understanding
礼貌lǐ mào禮貌courtesy; manners
力气lì qi力氣strength; CL: 把(bǎ)
例如lì rú例如for example; for instance; such as
理想lǐ xiǎng理想a dream; an ideal; perfection; ideal; perfect; desirable; CL: 個|个(gè)
liǎtwo (colloquial equivalent of 兩個|两个); both; some
联系lián xì聯繫connection; contact; relation; in touch with; to integrate; to link; to touch
liánto link; to join; to connect; continuously; in succession; including; (used with 也, 都, etc.) even; company (military)
凉快liáng kuai涼快nice and cold; pleasantly cool
零钱líng qián零錢change (of money); small change; pocket money
另外lìng wài另外additional; in addition; besides; separate; other; moreover; furthermore
liúto retain; to stay; to remain; to keep; to preserve; to leave (eg a message)
流利liú lì流利fluent
流行liú xíng流行to spread; to rage (of contagious disease); popular; fashionable; prevalent; (math.) manifold
律师lǜ shī律師lawyer
旅行lǚ xíng 旅行to travel; journey; trip; CL: 趟(tàng), 次(cì), 個|个(gè)
luànin confusion or disorder; in a confused state of mind; disorder; upheaval; riot; illicit sexual relations; to throw into disorder; to mix up; indiscriminate; random; arbitrary
麻烦má fan麻煩inconvenient; troublesome; to trouble or bother somebody; to put somebody to trouble
马虎mǎ hu馬虎careless; sloppy; negligent; skimpy
mǎn滿full; filled; packed; fully; completely; quite; to reach the limit; to satisfy; satisfied; contented; to fill; abbr. for Manchurian
máohair; feather; down
毛巾máo jīn毛巾towel; CL: 条(tiáo)
美丽měi lì美麗beautiful
mèngdream; CL: 场(cháng), 個|个(gè)
迷路mí lù迷路to lose the way; lost; labyrinth; labyrinthus vestibularis (of the inner ear)
密码mì mǎ密碼code; secret code; password; pin number
免费miǎn fèi免費free (of charge)
miǎosecond (of time); unit of angle or arc equivalent to one sixtieth of a degree
民族mín zú民族nationality; ethnic group; CL: 個|个(gè)
目的mù dì目的purpose; aim; goal; target; objective; CL: 個|个(gè)
母亲mǔ qīn母親mother; also pr. with light tone (mǔ qin); CL: 個|个(gè)
耐心nài xīn耐心to be patient; patient (adjective)
难道nán dào難道don't tell me...; could it be that...?
难受nán shòu難受to feel unwell; to suffer pain; to be difficult to bear
nèiinside; inner; internal; within; interior
内容nèi róng內容content; substance; details; CL: 個|个(gè), 项(xiàng)
能力néng lì能力capability; capable; able; ability; CL: 個|个(gè)
年龄nián líng年齡(a person's) age; CL: 把(bǎ), 個|个
nòngto do (to manage); to manage; to handle; to play with; to fool with; to mess with; to fix; to toy with
暖和nuǎn huo暖和warm (weather); nice and warm
偶尔ǒu ěr偶爾occasionally; once in a while; sometimes
排队pái duì排隊to line up; queue up; form a line
排列pái liè排列to arrange; arrangement; array; permutation (i.e. ordered choice of n elements out of m)
判断pàn duàn判斷to decide; to determine; CL: 個|个(gè)
péito accompany; to keep somebody company
批评pī píng批評to criticize; criticism; CL: 個|个(gè)
皮肤pí fū皮膚skin; CL: 種|种(zhǒng)
脾气pí qi脾氣temperament; disposition; temper; CL: 個|个(gè)
piānpiece of writing; sheet; bound set of bamboo slips used for record keeping (old); classifier for written items: chapter, article
piànto cheat; to swindle; to deceive; to fool; to hoodwink; to trick
乒乓球pīng pāng qiú乒乓球table tennis; ping-pong; ping pong; table tennis ball; CL: 個|个(gè)
平时píng shí平時in normal times; in peacetime
broken; damaged; worn out; to break, split or cleave; to get rid of; to destroy; to break with; to defeat; to capture (a city, etc.); to expose the truth of
普遍pǔ biàn普遍universal; general; widespread; common
葡萄pú tao葡萄grape
普通话pǔ tōng huà普通話Mandarin (common language); Putonghua (common speech of the Chinese language); ordinary speech
其次qí cì其次next; secondly
气候qì hòu氣候climate; atmosphere; situation; CL: 種|种(zhǒng)
其中qí zhōng其中among; in; included among these
千万qiān wàn千萬ten million; countless; many; one must by all means
签证qiān zhèng簽證visa; certificate; to certify; CL: 個|个(gè)
qiāoextort; knock; to strike; to knock (at a door); to hit
qiáobridge; CL: 座(zuò)
巧克力qiǎo kè lì巧克力chocolate (loanword); CL: 块(kuài)
亲戚qīn qi親戚a relative (i.e. family relation); CL: 門|门(mén), 個|个, 位(wèi)
qīnglight (not heavy); light; easy; gentle; soft; reckless; unimportant; frivolous; small in number; unstressed; neutral
轻松qīng sōng輕鬆gentle; relaxed
情况qíng kuàng情況circumstances; state of affairs; situation; CL: 個|个(gè), 種|种(zhǒng)
qióngexhausted; poor
区别qū bié區別difference; to distinguish; to discriminate; to make a distinction; CL: 個|个(gè)
to take; to get; to choose; to fetch
全部quán bù全部whole; entire; complete
quèbut; yet; however; while; to go back; to decline; to retreat; nevertheless; even though
缺点quē diǎn缺點weak point; fault; shortcoming; CL: 個|个(gè)
缺少quē shǎo缺少lack; shortage of; shortfall; to be short (of); to lack
确实què shí確實indeed; really; reliable; real; true
然而rán ér然而however; yet; but
热闹rè nao熱鬧bustling with noise and excitement; lively
任何rèn hé任何any; whatever; whichever; whatsoever
任务rèn wu任務mission; assignment; task; duty; role; CL: 项(xiàng), 個|个
rēngto throw; to throw away
仍然réng rán仍然still; yet
日记rì jì日記diary; CL: 则(zé), 本(běn), 篇(piān)
入口rù kǒu入口entrance
散步sàn bù散步to take a walk; to go for a walk
森林sēn lín森林forest; CL: 片(piàn)
沙发shā fā沙發sofa; CL: 条(tiáo), 张(zhāng)
商量shāng liang商量to consult; to talk over; to discuss
伤心shāng xīn傷心to grieve; to be broken-hearted; to feel deeply hurt; sad
稍微shāo wēi稍微a little bit
勺子sháo zi勺子scoop; ladle; CL: 把(bǎ)
社会shè huì社會society; CL: 個|个(gè)
shēndeep; late; profound; dark (of color, water, etc.); deep
申请shēn qǐng申請to apply for something; application (form, etc.); CL: 份(fèn)
甚至shèn zhì甚至so much so that; even
shěngto do without; to economize; to save; to omit; to leave out; province; CL: 個|个(gè)
shèngto remain; to be left; to have as remainder
生活shēng huó生活life; activity; to live; livelihood
生命shēng mìng生命life; living; biological; CL: 個|个(gè)
生意shēng yì 生意life force; vitality; 
使shǐ使to cause; to enable; to use; to employ; to make; to send; to instruct somebody to do something; envoy; messenger
失败shī bài失敗to be defeated; to lose; to fail (e.g. experiments); failure; defeat; CL: 次(cì)
十分shí fēn十分to divide into ten equal parts; very; hundred percent; completely; extremely; utterly; absolutely
是否shì fǒu是否whether (or not); if; is or isn't
师傅shī fu師傅master; qualified worker; respectful form of address for older men; CL: 個|个(gè), 位(wèi), 名(míng)
适合shì hé適合to fit; to suit
实际shí jì實際actual; reality; practice
世纪shì jì世紀century; CL: 個|个(gè)
失望shī wàng失望disappointed; to lose hope; to despair
适应shì yìng適應to suit; to fit; to be suitable; to adapt; to get used to something
使用shǐ yòng使用to use; to employ; to apply; to make use of
实在shí zài實在in reality; honestly; really; verily; concrete
shōuto receive; to accept; to collect; in care of (used on address line after name)
受不了shòu bù liǎo受不了unbearable; unable to endure; can't stand
受到shòu dào受到to suffer; obtained; given; to receive
首都shǒu dū首都capital (city); CL: 個|个(gè)
售货员shòu huò yuán售貨員salesperson; CL: 個|个(gè)
说明shuō míng說明to explain; to illustrate; explanation; directions; caption; CL: 個|个(gè)
收入shōu rù收入to take in; income; revenue; CL: 笔(bǐ), 個|个
收拾shōu shi收拾to put in order; to tidy up; to pack; to repair; to punish (colloquial); to manage
硕士shuò shì碩士master's degree; learned person
首先shǒu xiān首先first (of all); in the first place
shūto transport; to lose; to donate; to enter (a password)
数量shù liàng數量quantity; amount; CL: 個|个(gè)
熟悉shú xī熟悉to be familiar with; to know well
数字shù zì數字numeral; digit; number; figure; amount; digital (electronics, etc.); CL: 個|个(gè)
shuàihandsome; graceful; smart; commander in chief
顺便shùn biàn順便conveniently; in passing; without much extra effort
顺利shùn lì順利smoothly; without a hitch
顺序shùn xù順序sequence; order
to die; impassable; uncrossable; inflexible; rigid; extremely
速度sù dù速度speed; rate; velocity; CL: 個|个(gè)
塑料袋sù liào dài塑料袋plastic bag
suānsour; tart; sick at heart; grieved; sore; aching; acid
随便suí biàn隨便as one wishes; as one pleases; at random; negligent; casual; wanton
随着suí zhe隨著along with; in the wake of; following
孙子sūn zi孫子grandson (paternal)
所有suǒ yǒu所有all; to possess; to have; to own
táidesk; platform; stage; terrace; stand; support; station; broadcasting station; desk; classifier for vehicles or machines; Taiwan (abbr.)
táito lift; to raise; (of two or more persons) to carry
态度tài du態度manner; bearing; attitude; approach; CL: 個|个(gè)
弹钢琴tán gāng qín彈鋼琴play the piano
tánto discuss; to chat; to converse; to talk; to speak
tāngsoup; broth; hot water
tángsugar; sweets; candy; CL: 颗(kē), 块(kuài)
tǎngto recline; to lie down
tàngquantifier for the number of trips or runs made
讨论tǎo lùn討論to talk over; to discuss; CL: 個|个(gè)
讨厌tǎo yàn討厭to dislike; to loathe; disagreeable; troublesome; annoying; nasty; to hate doing something
特点tè diǎn特點characteristic (feature); trait; feature; CL: 個|个(gè)
to carry; to lift; to raise
提供tí gōng提供to supply; to provide; to furnish; to offer
填空tián kòng填空to fill a job vacancy; to fill in a blank (e.g. on questionnaire or exam paper)
提前tí qián提前to shift to an earlier date; to bring forward; to advance; in advance
提醒tí xǐng提醒to call attention to; to warn of; to remind
条件tiáo jiàn條件circumstances; condition; term; factor; requirement; prerequisite; qualification; CL: 個|个(gè)
tíng to halt; to stop; to park (a car); 
tǐngto (physically) straighten up; to stick out; to endure or hold out; straight; stiff; outstanding; extraordinary; rather; quite; very; classifier for machine guns
通过tōng guò通過to pass through; to get through; by means of; through; via; to adopt; to pass (a bill); to switch over
同情tóng qíng同情compassion; relent; sympathize; sympathy
同时tóng shí同時at the same time; simultaneously
通知tōng zhī通知to notify; to inform; notice; notification; CL: 個|个(gè)
tuīto push; to cut; to refuse; to reject; to decline; to shirk (responsibility); to put off; to delay; to push forward; to nominate; to elect
推迟tuī chí推遲to postpone; to put off; to defer
tuōto shed; to take off; to escape; to get away from
袜子wà zi襪子socks; stockings; CL: 只(zhī), 对(duì), 双(shuāng)
完全wán quán完全complete; whole; totally; entirely
往往wǎng wǎng往往often; frequently
网球wǎng qiú網球tennis; CL: 個|个(gè)
网站wǎng zhàn網站website; network station; node
味道wèi dào味道flavor; smell; hint of
卫生间wèi shēng jiān衛生間bathroom; toilet; WC; CL: 間|间( jiān)
危险wēi xiǎn危險danger; dangerous
温度wēn dù溫度temperature; CL: 個|个(gè)
文章wén zhāng文章article; essay; literary works; writings; hidden meaning; CL: 篇(piān), 段(duàn), 页(yè)
un-; to lack; -less; not to have; no; none; not; to lack 
误会wù huì誤會to misunderstand; to mistake; misunderstanding; CL: 個|个(gè)
无聊wú liáo無聊nonsense; bored
无论wú lùn無論no matter what or how; regardless of whether...
污染wū rǎn污染pollution; contamination; CL: 個|个(gè)
西红柿xī hóng shì西紅柿tomato; CL: 只(zhī)
吸引xī yǐn吸引to attract (interest, investment, etc.); CL: 個|个(gè)
现金xiàn jīn現金cash
羡慕xiàn mù羨慕envious; envy; to admire
xiāngfragrant; sweet smelling; aromatic; savory or appetizing; (to eat) with relish; (of sleep) sound; perfume or spice; joss or incense stick; CL: 根(gēn)
xiǎngto make a sound; to sound; to ring; loud; classifier for noises
相反xiāng fǎn相反opposite; contrary
橡皮xiàng pí橡皮rubber; an eraser; CL: 块(kuài)
相同xiāng tóng相同identical; same
详细xiáng xì詳細detailed; in detail; minute
小吃xiǎo chī小吃snack; refreshments; CL: 家(jiā)
效果xiào guǒ效果result; effect; quality; CL: 個|个(gè)
笑话xiào huà笑話joke; jest; CL: 個|个(gè)
小伙子xiǎo huǒ zi小伙子lad; young fellow; young man; young guy; youngster; CL: 個|个(gè)
小说xiǎo shuō小說novel; fiction; CL: 本(běn), 部(bù)
消息xiāo xi消息news; information; CL: 条(tiáo)
信封xìn fēng信封envelope; CL: 個|个(gè)
辛苦xīn kǔ辛苦hard; exhausting; with much toil; thanks for your trouble
心情xīn qíng心情mood; frame of mind; CL: 個|个(gè)
信息xìn xī信息information; news; message
信心xìn xīn信心confidence; faith (in somebody or something); CL: 個|个(gè)
xíngto walk; to go; to travel; a visit; temporary; makeshift; current; in circulation; to do; to perform; capable; competent; effective; all right; OK!; will do
xǐngto wake up; to awaken; to be awake
性别xìng bié性別gender; sex; distinguishing between the sexes
兴奋xīng fèn興奮excited; excitement
幸福xìng fú幸福happiness; happy; blessed; well-being
性格xìng gé性格nature (temperament); nature; disposition; temperament; character; CL: 個|个(gè)
修理xiū lǐ修理to repair; to perform maintenance; to overhaul; to fix; to prune; to trim
许多xǔ duō許多a great deal of; many; a lot of; much
学期xué qī學期school term; semester; CL: 個|个(gè)
ya(particle equivalent to 啊 after a vowel, expressing surprise or doubt)
压力yā lì壓力pressure
牙膏yá gāo牙膏toothpaste; CL: 管(guǎn)
亚洲yà zhōu亞洲Asia; Asian
yánsalt; CL: 粒(lì)
演出yǎn chū演出to act (in a play); to perform; to put on (a performance); performance; concert; show; CL: 场(cháng), 次(cì)
严格yán gé嚴格strict; stringent; tight; rigorous
眼镜yǎn jìng眼鏡spectacles; eyeglasses; CL: 副(fù)
研究yán jiū 研究research; a study; CL: 項|项(xiàng); 
演员yǎn yuán演員actor or actress; performer; CL: 個|个(gè), 位(wèi), 名(míng)
严重yán zhòng嚴重serious; severe; critical; grave
养成yǎng chéng養成to cultivate; to raise; to form (a habit); to acquire
阳光yáng guāng陽光sunlight; sunshine; transparent (open to public scrutinity); CL: 线(xiàn)
样子yàng zi樣子manner; air; looks; aspect
邀请yāo qǐng邀請to invite; invitation; CL: 個|个(gè)
要是yào shi要是if
钥匙yào shi鑰匙key; CL: 把(bǎ)
page; leaf
也许yě xǔ也許perhaps; maybe; probably
叶子yè zi葉子foliage; leaf; CL: 片(piàn)
to use as; according to; because of
意见yì jiàn意見opinion; suggestion; idea; objection; complaint; CL: 点(diǎn), 条(tiáo)
一切yī qiè一切everything; every; all
艺术yì shù藝術art; CL: 種|种(zhǒng)
以为yǐ wéi以為to believe; to think; to consider; to be under the impression
因此yīn cǐ因此consequently; as a result; thus
引起yǐn qǐ引起to give rise to; to lead to; to cause; to arouse
印象yìn xiàng印象impression; reflection; perception; CL: 個|个(gè)
yíngto win; to beat; to profit
应聘yìng pìn應聘to accept a job offer; to apply for an advertised position
勇敢yǒng gǎn勇敢brave; courageous
永远yǒng yuǎn永遠forever; eternal
yóuto follow; from; it is for...to; reason; cause; because of; due to; to; to leave it (to somebody); by (introduces passive verb)
优点yōu diǎn優點merit; benefit; strong point; advantage; CL: 個|个(gè)
友好yǒu hǎo友好friendly; amicable
邮局yóu jú郵局post office; CL: 家(jiā), 個|个
幽默yōu mò幽默humor; humorous
尤其yóu qí尤其especially; particularly
有趣yǒu qù有趣interesting; fascinating; amusing
优秀yōu xiù優秀outstanding; excellent
友谊yǒu yì友誼companionship; fellowship; friendship
由于yóu yú由於due to; as a result of; thanks to; owing to; since; because
to give; to help; to get along with; and; with
语法yǔ fǎ語法grammar
愉快yú kuài愉快cheerful; cheerily; delightful; pleasant; pleasantly; pleasing; happy; delighted
羽毛球yǔ máo qiú羽毛球badminton; shuttlecock; CL: 個|个(gè)
于是yú shì於是thereupon; as a result; consequently; thus; hence
预习yù xí預習to prepare a lesson
语言yǔ yán語言language; CL: 門|门(mén), 種|种(zhǒng)
原来yuán lái原來original; former; originally; formerly; at first; so... actually
原谅yuán liàng原諒to excuse; to forgive; to pardon
原因yuán yīn原因cause; origin; root cause; reason; CL: 個|个(gè)
阅读yuè dú閱讀to read; reading
约会yuē huì約會appointment; engagement; date; CL: 次(cì), 個|个
yúncloud; CL: 朵(duǒ)
允许yǔn xǔ允許to permit; to allow
杂志zá zhì雜誌magazine; CL: 本(běn), 份(fèn), 期(qī)
咱们zán men咱們we or us (including both the speaker and the person(s) spoken to); I or me; you
暂时zàn shí暫時temporary; provisional; for the time being
责任zé rèn責任responsibility; blame; duty; CL: 個|个(gè)
增加zēng jiā增加to raise; to increase
占线zhàn xiàn佔線busy (telephone)
zhào according to; in accordance with; to shine; to illuminate; to reflect; to look at (one's reflection); to take (a photo); photo; as requested; as before; 
招聘zhāo pìn招聘recruitment; to invite applications for a job
真正zhēn zhèng真正genuine; real; true; genuinely
正常zhèng cháng正常regular; normal; ordinary
正好zhèng hǎo正好just (in time); just right; just enough; to happen to; to chance to; by chance; it just so happens that
整理zhěng lǐ整理to arrange; to tidy up; to sort out; to straighten out; to list systematically; to collate (data, files); to pack (luggage)
证明zhèng míng證明proof; certificate; identification; testimonial; to prove; to testify; to confirm the truth of; CL: 個|个(gè)
正确zhèng què正確correct; proper
正式zhèng shì正式formal; official
zhī(possessive particle, literary equivalent of 的); him; her; its
zhǐfinger; to point at or to; to indicate or refer to; to depend on; to count on; (of hair) to stand on end
支持zhī chí支持to be in favor of; to support; to back; support; backing; to stand by; CL: 個|个(gè)
值得zhí de值得to be worth; to deserve
只好zhǐ hǎo只好without any better option; to have to; to be forced to
直接zhí jiē直接direct; opposite: indirect 間|间接; immediate; directly; straightforward
质量zhì liàng質量quality; mass (in physics); CL: 個|个(gè)
至少zhì shǎo至少at least; (to say the) least
知识zhī shi知識intellectual; knowledge-related; knowledge; CL: 門|门(mén)
植物zhí wù植物botanical; plant; vegetation; CL: 種|种(zhǒng)
只要zhǐ yào只要if only; so long as
职业zhí yè職業occupation; profession; vocation; professional
zhòngheavy; serious
重点zhòng diǎn重點emphasis; focal point; priority; key; with the emphasis on; focusing on
重视zhòng shì重視to attach importance to something; to value
周围zhōu wéi周圍surroundings; environment; to encompass
祝贺zhù hè祝賀to congratulate; congratulations; CL: 個|个(gè)
著名zhù míng著名famous; noted; well-known; celebrated
主意zhǔ yi主意plan; idea; decision; CL: 個|个(gè)
zhuǎn to turn; to change direction; to transfer; to forward (mail); 
zhuànearn; make a profit
专门zhuān mén專門specialist; specialized; customized
专业zhuān yè專業specialty; specialized field; main field of study (at university); major; professional; CL: 門|门(mén), 個|个
准确zhǔn què準確accurate; exact; precise
准时zhǔn shí準時on time; punctual; on schedule
自然zì rán自然at ease; free from affectation; natural
仔细zǐ xì仔細careful; attentive; cautious
自信zì xìn自信confidence; self-confidence
总结zǒng jié總結to sum up; to conclude; summary; resume; CL: 個|个(gè)
to rent; to charter; to rent out; to lease out; to hire; rent; land tax
最好zuì hǎo最好best; (you) had better (do what we suggest)
尊重zūn zhòng尊重esteem; respect; to honor; to value something
zuòseat; base; stand; classifier for buildings, mountains and similar immovable objects; CL: 個|个(gè)
作家zuò jiā 作家author; CL: 個|个(gè), 位(wèi)
座位zuò wèi座位a place to sit; CL: 個|个(gè)
作用zuò yòng作用to act on; to affect; action; function; activity; impact; result; effect; purpose; intent; to play a role; corresponds to English -ity, -ism, -ization; CL: 個|个(gè)
左右zuǒ yòu左右approximately; about; left and right; around; (dial.) anyway
作者zuò zhě作者writer; author; CL: 個|个(gè)
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