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HSK Sample Tests Now Available

HSK Sample Tests

We are excited to announce that HSK Sample Tests are now available on  Written tests are available for all 6 levels of the HSK.  You can listen to audio and view the test within your web browser or study on the go with downloadable MP3s and PDFs.

Interested in the “Oral HSK tests?”  We have all three available as well!  Choose from Beginner, Intermediate or Advance.  Just as with the written tests, you can study online or or the go.

All of the test are the creation of the Office of Chinese Language Council International 国家汉语国际推广领导小组办公室 or more simply called:  Hanban 汉办.  Hanban provides teaching resources for those interested in learning Mandarin.  

If you are interested in taking the actual tests, Hanban offers a Global Test Center search on their website.  

UPDATE:  YCT (Youth Chinese Test) sample tests, both written and oral, are now available here.


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