I Love the Smell of Books

Don’t get me wrong, I am as addicted to my iPad as the next person. Yet, to me, there is nothing more captivating than a real book.

My favorite Chinese dictionary isn’t an app. It sits on a shelf, and it is available to me no matter what the state of my electricity is. That’s just the way I like it.

I have a similar feeling about flashcards. At the risk of sounding like I am talking from two sides of my mouth, I do regularly use and highly recommend the Anki Flashcards app, the king of spaced repetition learning. In fact, I have an entire video series dedicated to helping you make your own Anki cards HERE, and provide free downloadable Anki decks HERE.

However, there is just something more satisfying about going outside on a beautiful day with a stack of Index Cards, rather than an electronic device.

If you are in agreement with my thoughts, I am here to help. Below you will find a video tutorial that teaches you how to quickly create flashcards using Word.

The video demonstrates two methods. The first method uses FREE flashcard templates available HERE on MandarinMania.com, and the second uses old fashioned Index Cards:


You may be surprised to learn that most modern printers allow you to print directly on Index Cards. This is very useful, especially if you have school-aged children.

If you missed it, previously, I released a video describing how to create flashcards in Word using tables. You can view it below.  Both videos are also available on my YouTube Channel and HERE on MandarinMania.com:


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Also, the previously available card sets have been revised to contain a new, more user (ink friendly) watermark.

Let us know in the comments below what study methods you enjoy as you learn Mandarin. Perhaps your advice will benefit other members of our community.

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As always, take care! 保重 Bǎozhòng!

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