Is Jiro Wang Dating Lena Fujii for Real?

In January, reported that Jiro Wang “is dating” Japanese model, Lena Fujii.  Mid-month Jiro posted a blurry picture of himself and the model on his Weibo feed.  He said, “Today finally it’s not April Fool’s Day,” referring to an April Fool’s joke he played on his fans in 2009. Then he posted regarding Lena, “Finally had a chance to tell her, and she agreed. Give us your blessings.” Jiro quickly followed up with, “Happy what day? Happy April Fool’s Day!”


To date, Lena has not publicly confirmed or denied the relationship.  And it seems that Jiro may be up to his usual pranks. For starters, is there a language barrier? Lena is fluent in both Japanese and English.  Jiro speaks fluent Mandarin and Hokkien; and limited English and Japanese.

Adding to the intrigue, the pics Lena posted of Jiro on Instagram were tagged “Aaron Yan.”  Fans were quick to call her out, some suggesting she wanted Aaron’s attention.  One of the Jiro pics seemed to hint at a relationship by stating, “超级拍档/super partner” in the caption.  Apparently, Jiro and Lena worked together on a photo shot and both were interviewed by Toplog…see the interview here.

Later in the year, Jiro was noticeably absent from Lena’s numerous birthday celebrations.  Nor did Lena make the trip to Taiwan in August for his, not publicaly anyway.  Just before Chinese Valentine’s Day, however, they both posted ads on Weibo for “Super Partner” couples shirts.  Jiro designed the shirts in association with @micahgirl. Jiro posed in the male style of the shirt and Lena in the female version.  However, no ads featuring them together were released.  Hmm… was this all a publicity stunt designed to get us to buy shirts?  Who knows?  Time will tell.  

Whether or not they are a couple, I wish them both well.  My goal here was not to sort all this out.  It was just a fun way to present,  Aaron Yan’s No Cut music video in which Lena stars.  I translated it into English and pinyin for your learning pleasure.

(UPDATE:  On 05/16/20 Lena Fujii announced via Instagram that she is expecting a child with a man she described as a former classmate, not Jiro.  Mystery solved?  Hmm…Maybe Jiro and Lena did date, but have since broken up.)

I want to close with just how sweet I think Lena Fujii is.  I posted about this lyric video on her Instagram and she took the time to like my comment:

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See you next time!

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