My New Favorite Resource: Language Learning For Netflix

For the past year, I have spent more time building than I have in actual Chinese learning. At the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is crack a book. I prefer to stretch out, and binge watch Netflix.

You probably know that Instagram is an excellent source of bite-sized language learning, but are you familiar with the Instagram community called “StudyGram?” 

Rather than teach you, “Study Grammers” help one another by sharing:

  • Organizational Tips 
  • Their Study Program
  • Work Flow
  • Advice
  • Tricks
  • Study Tips
  • Resources
  • Recommendations on everything from books and courses to stationary; and most of all…
  • They Motivate One Another!

One Study Grammar I follow is @hannahlanguagesstudyjourney. I find her inspirational in the sheer number of languages she is tackling at once. In one recent story, she recommended following fellow “study grammar,” @study_with_danai, which I promptly did.

The very first video I watched by @study_with_danai was her “10 Tips for Staying Productive.” It was not only motivational, it introduced me to something entirely new to me: Language Learning with Netflix.  

Language Learning with Netflix is a free Chrome Extension that allows you to display two sets of subtitles at once, and that’s where the fun begins.

You can auto-pause so that the subtitles stop after each line, allowing you to focus on the characters and learn Chinese within context.  

You can then click on any character you do not recognize, and a popup dictionary will pronounce the word and tell you the definition.

I think that my favorite feature has to be the ability to print the subtitles in both your native and target languages.  Yes, I said “languages.”  This extension is not just for Chinese learners.

I love this extension so much that I immediately created a YouTube Video to show you its features.  You can watch it now below.

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Create a separate profile on Netflix for your language learning. In that way, you can be entertained in the usual fashion or study using the extension without one encroaching on the other.

I recommend using your desktop to search Netflix for “learning materials” to add to your watch list. I find the workflow a bit easier than on other devices.  Plus, in order to use the extension you must be on a desktop or laptop.

You do not need to know the titles of films. You can do generic searches, such as:

  • China
  • Chinese
  • Chinese Movies
  • Chinese Films
  • Chinese Dramas
  • Chinese Documentaries
  • Taiwan
  • Taiwanese TV Dramas
  • Taiwanese TV Shows
  • Taiwanese Movies & TV

Don’t forget trying genres and themes too, such as:

  • Chinese Drama
  • Chinese Comedy
  • Chinese Romance, etc.
  • Exciting Chinese Movies
  • Romantic Taiwanese TV Dramas
  • Emotional Taiwanese TV Drama
  • Soapy Taiwanese TV Drama

If you have a favorite Chinese actor or actress, you can also search using their Chinese or English name. 

If you only know the star’s name in one language, try Googling to learn their name in the other one.  Most if not all stars have both a Chinese given name and an English stage name.  Knowing both names is especially useful if you do not find results under one of their names.

Once Chinese films appear in the search results, you can click on the options next to “Explore Titles Related To:” near the top of the screen. Doing so will give you even more titles to explore.

If you are new to Language Learning with Netflix like me, I hope you feel as excited as I do to explore this excellent resource.

I have to give a final shout out to all the “Study Grammars” out there. Your willingness to share with others, most of whom you have never met, speaks volumes about your beautiful character.

Want to find more “Study Grammars” to follow? Use the hashtag #studygram to perform a search on Instagram.

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As always, take care… and please stay safe at home!

Mandarin Maniac Ashley 🙂

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