Learn Biblical Mandarin Easily With Parts 2 & 3 of Our Video Series

Chinese Pergola in the woods

Time is so precious.  I have spent the majority of mine working on finishing HSK 5 and 6’s Vocabulary Pages.  After all, HSK is the foundation of most Chinese students learning.  

Today, however, I decided to give attention to my Biblical Mandarin video series.  I cannot believe it has been almost four months since I released Part 1.  Below, please enjoy Parts 2 and 3.  Beginning in Part 3, I decided to lengthen the slides to 8 seconds each to allow you time to absorb what you are learning.  Don’t worry, however, you can speed up or slow down the video using YouTube’s settings at the bottom of the video.

This series is based on the book “Basic Theocratic Mandarin,” which you can read here.  You can download the book or enjoy “at-will” audio (press a button, hear a word) for the entire book here.

If you are enjoying this video series, I hope you will consider sharing it on social media using the buttons below so that others can learn Biblical Mandarin as well.

Take care!

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