Let’s Learn Chinese Radicals

When I started this little Chinese venture, I never imagined the support and encouragement that I have received. You guys are indeed the BEST followers out there!

Recently, @goens8778 suggested that I upload radicals writing practice sheets to MandarinMania.com. I thought the suggestion was an excellent one, and I decided to take it a step further.

Radical writing sheets have been uploaded, along with a searchable table that includes the Radical number, variants, pinyin, English definitions, and native audio.

Two new Anki flashcard Radical decks have been added, bringing the total Radical decks available to four.

YouTuber, feqwix, created an awesome animated Radical stroke order video complete with English and Spanish definitions, pinyin, variants (when applicable), number of strokes, frequency in the Kangxi dictionary and examples of the Radical in use.  The video is available below and on the Radicals page.

By popular demand, two new sizes of blank writing paper are also now available.

Find all the new free learning materials mentioned above now by clicking here.  

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