Learn HSK Vocabulary Beautifully

If you follow me on social media, you get a beautiful bite-sized dose of Mandarin learning every day.  

You may not know, however, that every “vocabulary word” I post on social media gets its very own page on MandarinMania.com. Thus, I can expand on the information shared with you.

We currently have “charts” for HSK levels 1-3, and 4-6 are coming. The charts allow you to navigate the page containing the word you wish to learn. Once on the word’s page, you will find:

  • picture association;
  • English definitions;
  • native audio;
  • Simplified & Traditional characters;
  • pinyin;
  • measure words;
  • stroke order pictures;
  • character components;
  • sample sentences with pinyin; and 
  • a listing of all words each character forms in all HSK levels. 

Other learning materials are then created. For example:

As HSK 3 Vocabulary is just about complete on social media, I combined the posts to create these two beautiful learning videos:

The HSK 3 videos are also available HERE on mandarinmania.com and on my YouTube channel: Mandarin Mania.  HSK 1 videos and HSK 2 videos are also available.

Don’t forget to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so that you never miss new song translations and language learning videos. 

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