UNDER CONSTRUCTION Tips to Build Your Chinese Vocabulary

Whether you are learning Mandarin for business or pleasure, the key to broadening your vocabulary is your commitment to learning new words regularly. Here Barry shares 15 tips to help you “Build Your Chinese Vocabulary.” Along the way, he also shares some of the things you can find on MandarinMania.com to assist you.

I. Guide Video with Barry!


II. Overview of Tips

Watch the video, it provides so much more between the lines of this list:

  1. Visual Achieving Your Goals
  2. Plan for Personal Victories
  3. Learn Practical Terms and Words
  4. Keep a Journal
  5. Use a Dictionary
  6. Learn Words in Groups
  7. Dig Deeper into Synonyms
  8. Identify Word Nuances.  
  9. Use Flashcards
  10. Make it a habit to learn new words every day.
  11. Use eBooks and Audiobooks 
  12. Learn Through Song
  13. Use, use, use the new words immediately. 
  14. Imitate Native Speakers
  15. Have fun!

III. Conversational & Bible Vocabulary - 7,000 Words & Phrases w/ Native Audio

This huge vocabulary list contains over 7,000 words and phrases with native audio.  It includes many everyday topics, the names of countries, the names of holidays, bible (characters, books & subjects), and so much more.  Best of all the audio is looped so you can listen to it over and over until you learn the word or phrase.  A video series is also in the works.  You can see the first few “episodes” HERE.

The list was based on the book “Basic Theocratic Expressions” (2002 Ed.).  You can download the current version of the book using the link below.

IV. Vocabulary By Subject & "How to Say..."

In the main menu above, click on “Build Your Vocabulary,” then select the subject or the “How to Say…” topic you wish to study.

Why?  We want our webpages to load quickly for you.  Since both these topics will expand greatly over time, putting all the materials here is not user friendly.

V. Additional Learning Materials

Our growing Anki Flashcards collection has a good selection of decks that focus on Radicals and entire Character sets.  

Check out our printable flashcards page too. 

Enjoy 100s of “Resources” & Tools in our catalog.  From apps that will teach you characters and writing to dictionaries and soooo much more!  

My personal favorite:  Netflix Google Chrome Extension to display Chinese & English at the same time!  

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