Perfecting Your Chinese Tones

Barry’s back to show you that Tones are not uniquely Chinese.  In fact, English people use them every day!  You will also learn something you may not have heard about the 3rd tone, how Taiwanese people handle the neutral tone, and the best way to master the rhythm of Chinese speaking quicker.  Enjoy!

This page is has 10 sections, here are jump links:

1. Guide Video with Barry!


2. The Basics of Chinese Tones

3. Tone Changing Rules (Sandhi)

4. Tones Pairs Drills

Each drill section contains 5 tables made up of 50 words taken from all 6 levels of the HSK.  Downloadable PDFs are also available.

5. Tone Pairs Practice

Each video section contains 5 videos made up pf  50 words taken from all 6 levels of the HSK. A native speaker pronounces each word, and time is given for you to repeat the words aloud. Study online or on the go with downloadable PDFs. 

6. Tones Practice & Drills

7. Tone Pairs Practice

8. Learn All Pinyin Sounds Video Series (Includes Tones)

This 19-video series will teach you all the sounds of Mandarin.  A native pronounces each sound and briefly pauses for you to recite it. 

9. Expressing Emotion in a Tonal Language

10. Additional Learning Materials

Our growing Anki Flashcards collection has a good selection of decks that focus on Radicals and entire Character sets.  

Check out our printable flashcards and Quizlet pages too. 

Enjoy 100s of “Resources & Tools” in our growing catalog.  From apps that will teach you characters and writing to dictionaries and soooo much more!  

My personal favorite:  Netflix Google Chrome Extension to display Chinese & English at the same time!  

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