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The Family Tree in Chinese

Learn “Family Tree” Vocabulary using the videos below by fellow YouTubers.   If you want to explore more from these creators, there are links to their respective channels below the videos. This page has 3 sections, here are jump links:  

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Videos: The Chinese Family Tree

The Complicated Chinese Family Tree​ by Off the Great Wall I recommend slowing the speed down on this one using YouTube controls in the bottom right of video.

everyday chinese

Learn All About the Chinese Family Tree by Everyday Chinese

Videos: Introducing Family Members

Chinese Family Members Vocabulary Chart

Chinese Characters or English can be placed in the search boxes above the tables. Special thanks to “Off the Great Wall” upon whose video (posted above) I based this chart. 






Your Mom

 妈妈 (māma)

Your Dad

 爸爸 (bàba)

Your Wife

 妻子 (qīzi) or 老婆 (lǎopó)

Your Husband

 丈夫 (zhàngfū) or 老公 (lǎogōng)

Your older brother

哥哥 (gēgē)

Your older sister

姐姐 (jiějiě)

Your younger brother

弟弟 (dìdì)

Your younger sister

妹妹 (mèimei)

Your son

儿子 (érzi)

Your daughter

 女儿 (nǚ'ér)



Grandmother on Dad’s side

 奶奶 (nǎinai

Grandmother on Mom’s side

外婆 (wàipó)



Grandfather on Dad’s side

爷爷 (yéyé)

Grandfather on Mom’s side

外公 (wàigōng)



Dad’s older brother

伯伯 (bóbo)

Dad’s younger brother

叔叔 (shūshu)

Dad’s older sister’s husband

 姑夫 (gūfū)

Dad’s younger sister’s husband

 姑夫 (gūfū)

Mom’s older or younger brother

舅舅 (jiùjiu)



Dad’s older sister

姑妈 (gūmā)

Dad’s younger sister

 姑姑 (gūgū)

Dad’s older brother’s wife

伯母 (bómǔ)

Dad’s younger brother’s wife

婶婶 (shěnshěn)

Mom’s older sister

 姨妈 (yímā)

Mom’s younger sister

阿姨 (āyí)

Mom’s brother’s wife

 舅母 (jiùmu)



Dad’s sibling’s son (if older than you)

 堂兄 (táng xiōng)

Dad’s sibling’s son (if younger than you)

 堂弟 (táng )

Dad’s sibling’s daughter (if older than you)

 堂姐 (táng jiě)

Dad’s sibling’s daughter (if younger than you)

 堂妹 (táng mèi)

Mom’s sibling’s son (if older than you)

表哥 (biǎo )

Mom’s sibling’s son (if younger than you)

 表弟 (biǎo )

Mom’s sibling’s daughter (if older than you)

表姐 (biǎo jiě)

Mom’s sibling’s daughter (if younger than you)

表妹 (biǎo mèi)



Brother's son

 姪子 (zhízi)

Sister's son

 外甥 (wàishēng)



Brother's daughter

 姪女 (zhínǚ)

Sister's daughter

 外甥女 (wàishengnǚ)



Husband's father

 公公 (gōnggong)

Wife's father

 岳父 (yuèfù)



Husband's mother

 婆婆 (pópo)

Wife's mother

 岳母 (yuèmǔ)



Your older sister’s husband

 姐夫 (jiěfū)

Your younger sister’s husband

 妹夫 (mèifū)



Your older brother’s wife

 嫂子 (sǎo zi)

Your younger brother’s wife

 弟妇 (dìfù)

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