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Order Food in a Chinese Restaurant

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EverydayChinese– Fast Food & Sit Down

How to Chinese – Useful Words & Phrases

Learn 中文 w/ Ms. Ming – Live Demo, Intro Dizzy

Chinese Pod – 20 min. video

New Concept Mandarin – Order Drinks

New Concept TN

MandarinMadeEZ – Ordering Breakfast

Yoyo Chinese – Utensils & “I want…”

MandarinMadeEZ – Meats, Noodle & Veggie Vocab

Mandarin Made EZ TN

Chinese Pod – Ordering Coffee

chinese pod

Everyday Chinese – How is this dish?

MandarinMadeEZ – I’m a Vegetarian…

Mandarin Made EZ TN

Chinese Boom – Host Orders Noodles in China

Elementary Chinese – Host Orders Street Food

Happy Chinese – Cartoon Dialogue

Happy Chinese

Chinese Pod – Can you pass … 15 min. Video

Chinese Pod – Rude Waitress Part 1

Chinese Pod TN 2

Chinese Pod – Rude Waitress Part 2

Chinese Pod TN
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