How to Say "Thank You" & "I'm Sorry"

Learn How to Say:Thank You” and “Sorry” using the videos below by fellow YouTubers. This page has 2 sections, here are jump links:

Please Note: Since videos are created by various YouTubers, there may be some overlap, i.e. “thanks” in the “sorry” section and vice versa.  Also, if you want to explore more from these creators, there are links to their respective channels below the videos.

Thank You

ChineseFor.Us – 12 Ways to Thank – 3 ways to Thank

Chinese Pod – Thank You & Alternatives

Chinese Tube – Various ways to Thank – Various ways to Thank – Different ways to say Thanks.

LingoPlus TN

LingoPlus – Alternatives to 谢谢

GabyZhang TN

Gaby Zhang – Say “No, Thanks” or “Fine/Okay”

ChineseBuddy – No, Thank You


ChineseFor.Us – 10+ Ways to Apologize – Various ways to Apologize

Tutor Mandarin – 3 Ways to Apologize

ABChinese – Sorry w/ Cultural Insights

Chinese Pod – Sorry & Alternatives

EverydayChinese – Thanks & I’m Sorry

ChineseBuddy – Sorry

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