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How to Say "Thank You" & "I'm Sorry"

This page is divided into two sections, here are jump links:

Please Note: Since videos are created by various YouTubers, there may be some overlap, i.e. “thanks” in the “sorry” section and vice versa.

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Thank You

ChineseFor.Us – 12 Ways to Thank – 3 ways to Thank

Chinese Pod – Thank You & Alternatives

Chinese Tube – Various ways to Thank – Various ways to Thank – Different ways to say Thanks.

LingoPlus – Alternatives to 谢谢

LingoPlus TN

Gaby Zhang – Say “No, Thanks” or “Fine/Okay”

GabyZhang TN

ChineseBuddy – No, Thank You


ChineseFor.Us – 10+ Ways to Apologize – Various ways to Apologize

Tutor Mandarin – 3 Ways to Apologize

ABChinese – Sorry w/ Cultural Insights

Chinese Pod – Sorry & Alternatives

EverydayChinese – Thanks & I’m Sorry

everyday chinese

ChineseBuddy – Sorry

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