All About Chinese Measure Words

Learn “All About Chinese Measure Words” and related vocabulary by using the videos and chart below. If you want to explore more from the video creators, there are links to their respective YouTube channels below the videos. This page has sections, here are jump links:

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I. Introduction to MWs

EverydayChinese – 3 Videos

everyday chinese

Intro to MWs

everyday chinese

8 Common MWs

 List of Common MWs (Chinese w/ Subtitles)

MVS Mandarin – 3 Videos

MVS Mandarin 1
MVS Mandarin 2
MVS Manadrin 3

Learn Chinese Now – Introduction to MWs

Smart Mandarin – MWs are imporant.

Xue Yan – Common MWs & Examples

II. Specific MWs Discussed

Learn Chinese w/Litao – Omission of 个 (gè)

Shuoshuo Chinese – MWs the Cover 80% Situations

chinese pod

Chinese Pod  MWs for Food & Drinks

Chinese Pod – MWs in Nature

Chinese ABC – MW 口 (kǒu)

eChinese TN Rachel

eChinese Learning – MWs 套 (Tào) and 副 (Fù)

eChinese TN Ellie

eChinese Learning – MWs 件 (jiàn) and 条 (tiáo)

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