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Introduction to Chinese Measure Words

Did you know?  We have a full Measure Words Course here, complete with native audio and printables.

This page is divided into two sections, here are jump links:

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EverydayChinese – 3 Videos

Intro to MWs

everyday chinese

8 Common MWs

everyday chinese

 List of Common MWs (Chinese w/ Subtitles)

MVS Mandarin – 3 Videos

MVS Mandarin 1
MVS Mandarin 2
MVS Manadrin 3

Learn Chinese Now – Introduction to MWs

Smart Mandarin – MWs are imporant.

Xue Yan – Common MWs & Examples

Bonus Material

Learn Chinese w/Litao – Omission of 个 (gè)

Shuoshuo Chinese – MWs the Cover 80% Situations

EverydayChinese – MWs for Containers & Packages

Chinese Pod  MWs for Food & Drinks

Chinese Pod – MWs in Nature

Chinese ABC – MW 口 (kǒu)

eChinese Learning – MWs 套 (Tào) and 副 (Fù)

eChinese TN Rachel

eChinese Learning – MWs 件 (jiàn) and 条 (tiáo)

eChinese TN Ellie
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