Pinyin Pronunciation

Did you know that Mandarin Chinese recycles the same 409 sounds repeatedly?  Just learn all 409 sounds, apply the 4 tones, and instantly pronounce all possible Mandarin words!

IMPORTANT:  Chinese is written without spaces.  Proper pinyin also omits spaces between compound words.  Likewise, there should not be a pause in between words when speaking.  One should say “zhōngguó”  and not “zhōng….guó”.   If you pause at the wrong time when speaking Chinese, a Chinese person may not understand you.

1. Guide Video with Barry!


2. Complete Pinyin Pronunciation Video Course

This 12-episode Video Course was created by Everyday Chinese and is freely available on their YouTube Channel.  We also recommend the videos available on YouTube by Chinese.For.Us, however their 8-episode series is incomplete.

3. Video-Based Pinyin Chart

Hands down, Yoyo Chinese’s Video-Based Pinyin Chart is the best chart online!  Why?  It’s developer, Yangyang Cheng, includes videos of herself reciting all of the “hard to pronounce words!  Jump to her site with this LINK and then click on “Video-based Pinyin Chart” at the top of the page.

Why not link directly to the chart?  I am an affiliate of Yoyo Chinese.  If you decide to make a purchase, this free site will benefit without any additional cost to you.  Use of the pinyin chart, however, is absolutely free and it truly is the best one available free.

4. Video Series: Learn All Pinyin Sounds

This 19-video series will teach you all the sounds of Mandarin.  A native pronounces each sound and briefly pauses for you to recite it. Enjoy!

5. Bonus Pronunciation Video

Here are three additional videos to assist you on your journey.  First, YoyoChinese provides an in-depth discussion of pinyin pronunciation.  Next, izzyc53 pulls her camera up close as she pronounces the words, which is incredibly useful.  Finally, a video by us…just because.

6. Pinyin Drills - "Initials" and "Finals" w/ English Equivalents

Our beautiful “Initial” and “Final” drills allow you to click on the sounds over and over.

Our charts were so pretty, we made videos of them too.  Please Note:  In the video b,p, f anf m are pronounced as bo, po, fo, mo.  In the chart, just the initial is pronounced.

7. TOOLS:  Pinyin Charts, Web-based Tools & App

Visit our “Resources” page HERE for the entire list of Pinyin available Resources.

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