Read & Write Chinese Characters

Join Barry as he demystifies Chinese Characters and shows you just how interesting and fun they are to learn.  By teaching you to see the logic behind how many characters are formed, you will have a solid foundation to begin to read and write Chinese characters. This page has 6 sections, here are jump links:

1. Guide Video with Barry!


2. Stroke Order Rules

Hover over the videos to see captions.  

3. Videos: Radicals

Hover over the videos to see captions.  

4. Memorizing Chinese Characters

Hover over the videos to see captions.

5. Introduction to Chinese Characters

Although the 4-part videos series below was created by YouTuber, ABCs of Chinese, to sell a learning system, the information presented is very useful whether you are interested in their system or not.

6. Additional Learning Materials

Our growing Anki Flashcards collection has a good selection of decks that focus on Radicals and entire Character sets.  

Check out our printable flashcards page too. 

Learn & Write All 214 Radicals.  Our chart has “at-will” audio, Radical Numbers, Pinyin, English and links to free writing practice sheets.   

Enjoy 100s “Resources” & Tools in our catalog.  From apps that will teach you characters and writing to dictionaries and soooo much more!  

My personal favorite:  Netflix Google Chrome Extension to display Chinese & English at the same time!  

Enjoy writing practice sheets for radicals and full characters sets on our Printables page.

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