Forming Yes or No Questions

Learn to quickly form yes or no questions using the ending particle 吗 / 嗎 (ma),  the verb 不 verb, and adjective 不 adjective methods using free YouTube videos.

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Mandarin Mania – From when I was a newbie creator.

Sample Questions

Simplified (Traditional)
Placed at the end of sentences to convert a statement into a Yes or No question.ma吗 (嗎)
You are Casie.Nǐ shì Casie.你是 Casie.
Are you Casie?Nǐ shì Casie ma?你是 Casie 吗?
(你是 Casie 嗎?)
You are American. Nǐ shì měi ɡuó rén.你是美国人.
Are you American? Nǐ shì měi ɡuó rén ma?你是美国人吗?
You can speak Chinese.Nǐ huì shuō zhōnɡ wén.你会说中文.
Can you speak Chinese?Nǐ huì shuō zhōnɡ wén ma?你会说中文吗?
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