Measure Words: Buildings & Structures

Please Note:  The measure words listed below may have other uses in Mandarin, but this list specifically addresses use with respect to Buildings and Structures.

层 / 層

Floor (such as 10 story building, i.e. 10 “floors” of a building)

场 / 場

Field, Open Public Space (such as a game, a party, etc.)  

栋 / 棟

Tall building.

Wall (such as a wall, firewall, etc.)


Place of Work (such as a store, a bank, a company, etc.)

间 /間

Room (such as guest room, bedroom, etc.)


Wall (such as a wall). 面(miàn) means “face.”  It refers to one side of a wall or a panel of wall.


Multi-Building Complex (such as a hospital, a university, etc.)


Large Stationary Structure (such as a mountain, an island, a water tower, a bridge, etc.)  

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