Measure Words: Events

Please Note:  The measure words listed below may have other uses in Mandarin, but this list specifically addresses use with respect to Events.

场 / 場

Large event (such as a demonstration, war, a conflict, a heavy rain, a fight, etc.)

Time, occurrence (such as World War II, three times, etc.)


A Period of Time (such as a love affair, a past event, etc.)


An activity that requires significant effort, or a long period of time (such as a stretch of good weather, etc.)


Incident, circumstance, thing.

节 / 節

Event, episode (such as one class from a course or series, a series of continuing events: a course, TV series, etc.)

A moment (of anger, madness, etc.)

门 / 門

A subject or series of classes.


Trip (such as a tour, a wasted trip, a trip to Italy, etc.)


阵 / 陣

Sudden, passing event (such as a gust of wind, quick rain shower, etc.)

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