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Measure Words: Size & Shape

Please Note:  The measure words listed below may have other uses in Mandarin, but this list specifically addresses use with respect to Size & Shape.

Bunches of things, things with handles, i.e. keys, chair, flowers, etc. 


Large stack or pile, i.e. trash, etc.


Long slender things, i.e. hair, guitar strings, matches, cigarettes, drinking straws, etc.

颗 / 顆

Small spheres, compact items, i.e. pearls, corn, hearts, satellites, apples, soybeans, teeth, etc.

Small round things, i.e. peas, a pill, a grain of rice, peanuts, etc.


Windows and doors, things that have hinges.

条 / 條

Long thin things, winding, i.e. ribbon, river, road, pants, a life, etc.

团 / 團

Pile, i.e. wool yarn, string, junk, rice, etc.

张 / 張

Flat items, i.e. photographs, table, event tickets, paper, newspapers, etc.


Long and straight, i.e. rods, straws, pens, etc.

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