New Beginner’s Course: How to Master Chinese Characters By Forget Banda

Many people will tell you that Chinese is the most difficult language to learn.  To the beginner, learning to recognize Mandarin characters can feel like climbing a mountain.
Just as a mountain climber needs to equip himself with the correct tools to make his climb easier, this course aims to provide you with a clear path to learning Chinese characters.
One mistake many Chinese learners make is trying to learn everything at once.  A progressive approach reaps more benefits and prevents the frustration that can develop when tackling the tones, reading, and writing all at once.    
Accordingly, this course follows a progressive approach to learning characters.  As each new character is introduced, a mnemonic will be included to help you remember it. The character will then be combined with other characters to form high-frequency vocabulary words and useful phrases.  
As you “climb” higher and higher using this method, you will notice that recognizing a written or spoken phrase will become relatively easier.  As you build your word bank, your reading and listening skills will grow.  
The sole purpose of this course is to help you to recognize Chinese characters.  Thus, tones and writing will not be discussed. I am delighted to share this three-hour online Chinese lesson video course, which I heartily prepared.  The tutorials are presented in a fun and interesting way, and you will be quizzed along the way.  Lifetime access, along with a guidebook, costs only $30.  
 In honor of my very good friend, Ashley, the creator of, I will give her followers free access to the course for the next three days.  If you decide to register, you will have lifetime access to the course content.
Please share the link with your friends and remember to rate the course.  I also urge you to join mandarinmania’s social media pages to stay in the loop of awesome Chinese resources.

Forget Banda

Forget is the creator of this course. He makes his home in Zimbabwe, Africa. I met Forget through my Instagram account and our shared love of Mandarin learning made us fast friends. Forget has also contributed to from time to time.

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*This article first appeared on italki.  It is reposted here with Helen’s permission.

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