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Chinese Films & Dramas ❥

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Sources w/ English Subtitles



These channels offer Chinese films, dramas and TV shows.  

Beginner?  Use the channel’s search box to search “Eng.”  

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Caravan中文剧场 – over 606k subscribers

CCTV中国中央电视台 – over 799k subscribers

湖南卫视芒果TV官方频道 China HunanTV Official Channel – over 3.6 million subscribers

Chinese Huace & TV Official – over 700k subscribers

CN Drama – over 233k subscribers.  Most uploads have English subtitles. 

Croton Mega Hit – over 1.4 million subscribers

HLBN Entertainment and HLBN – over 43k subscribers

乐视视频官方频道 Letv Official Channel – over 1.2 million subscribers

芒果青春剧场 MGTV Drama Channel – over 975k subscribers

Tencent Video – over 3 million subscribers

Youku – over 1 million subscribers

YoYo Television Series Exclusive – over 1.7 million subscribers


Cost:  Requires annual membership, but you also get free 2-day shipping on most Amazon purchases.

About:  Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Amazon Prime has a vast collection of Hollywood movies and American television shows.

Not everyone may know, however, that Amazon has been very aggressive in building its library of Asian offerings.  

When DramaFever closed its doors, Amazon joined the players looking to fill its void.



Cost:  Free with commercials or $4.99 per month for ad free experience.  Offers 30 day free trial.

About (From Their Website): AsianCrush is the premier Asian streaming service for movies, TV shows, and web videos online. We curate and distribute the best of Asian entertainment media to a global audience.


Cost:  Offers free content with commercials.  Paid version offers higher quality video and is commercial free.

About:  Crunchyroll is primarily geared toward anime, but does offer Chinese shows and dramas as well.

Although the drama offerings are low in number, you can be certain they will contain English subtitles.

Cost:  Hulu offers a discounted plan if you are willing to watch commercials.

About:  While its Asian content is much more lacking than Viki, Netflix and Amazon, if you already subscribe you can check out its offerings.  Often Hulu has titles the big three does not.

Hulu also offers the American Show, Fresh Off the Boat, a sitcom about a family of Taiwanese immigrants.  I love its insights on culture and that Mandarin is often thrown into the dialogue.


Cost:  Although a paid service, Netflix allows sharing, as it will only play on the number of screens you pay for per month.

About:  Netflix made news recently when it signed long term contracts with two Korean drama production companies.  

While we are not discussing Korean, Netflix has been very public about wanting to corner the “Asian drama” fan market.

Yay for us Netflix subscribers!  As of late, Chinese dramas with English subtitles seem to be flooding into Netflix’s library.


Cost:  FREE with commercials.

About:  While its Chinese content is a bit limited, it may be worth a look if you exhausted all other free choices on this list.  

love it ❤︎

Cost:  Many titles are available free with commericials.  Additional content requires a monthly or annual fee.

About:  Viki, a play on the words video and wiki, is well-know for its primetime shows and movies in more than 200 languages, including Chinese with English subtitles. 

Viki also provides apps for you to watch on the go here.  

Chinese Sources - Primarily Chinese / Some English

PLEASE NOTE: A VPN is required to watch some (not all) of the content available on the Chinese sources below.  APPS:  Most of the Chinese sources listed have both Android and iOS apps available on their site.

This video on demand site is packed with Chinese dramas, movies, variety shows, anime, physical education programs, documentaries and more.

360TV is a Chinese based platform.  

It provides resource links to direct you to websites where the you can watch the video you are interested in.

百度 (Bǎidù) is a Chinese company headquartered in Beijing, China.

百度 has a large library of current dramas, movies, cartoons and TV shows.

Tip:  百度 is attached to the search engine of the same name.  English words do not rank in search results.  Search in Chinese.

New ❥

CCTV is the National Chinese Television Network.  

You can find many TV shows and even Chinese news on their website.

iQiyi (爱奇艺) is an online video platform based in Beijing, China.  

It is currently one of the largest online video sites in the world.

You can find a plethora of Chinese entertainment here, including films, TV series, variety shows, web movies, trailers, talk shows, anime, music, fashion, finance & much more!


This is the kids’ version of iQiyi (爱奇艺), an online video platform based in Beijing, China.  

You can find TV series, movies, variety shows, anime, documentaries and more all geared toward children.


This video on demand site is packed with Chinese dramas and movies, and even some from the US.

Le 电视剧 (Diànshìjù) which means “Le TV Series,” is a popular Chinese streaming website originating from Beijing, China.

It provides a seemingly endless amount movies, dramas and shows to choose from.


Maple Stage has a large variety of Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese dramas and variety shows.

PPTV offers current Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese movies and dramas.

Some titles require a membership fee.

QQ is one of the best sites to watch full-episode Chinese dramas.  

I think that sums it up. 


This is the kids version of QQTV.

Here you will find animated movies, overseas classics (like Peppa Pig) Chinese nursery rhymes, puzzles and more all geared toward children.


You can find many popular movies and drams from China and Taiwan on Sohu TV.

Their are also children’s programs, anime, trailers, variety shows, physical educations, American movies, music, documentaries and much more!



Tutou, a Chinese video sharing platform, actually owns many Chinese movies, dramas and variety shows.  All these are available to watch and/or download.

Youku and Tudou merged, so you may find that the content is duplicate to what is offered on Youku.



YouKu is a Chinese video hosting service based in Beijing, China.  

Youku and Tudou merged, so you may find that the content is duplicate to what is offered on Tudou.



This is the kids version of Youku TV.

Here you will find animated movies, overseas classics (like Peppa Pig) Chinese nursery rhymes, and more all geared toward children.

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