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While Chinese Dictionaries are an excellent resource for sample sentences, the resources found below are strictly geared toward finding sample sentences.

What is Sentence Mining? The “corpus” resources listed under “mining” should be used when you want to gather a large number of examples of a character used within a sentence or body of writing. This page has 2 sections, here are jump links and a tally of resources:

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Sample Sentence Resources

Sentence Database by CHINESE POD


You can search Chinese Pod’s example sentence database using English or Chinese.

Best of all, there is audio for the sentences.

Sentence Collection by TATOEBA

Whether your mother tongue is English or another language, Tatoeba offers Chinese sentences translated into many languages.   Just enter the language you want to search for in the search box.

The translations are by Tatoeba’s users, but I have found that they are generally reliable.

Sentence Mining - Let's "Dig" In!

This collection is huge.  At times, less common characters produce results that only contain fragmented sentences.

The site is in Chinese, but is straightforward to use. Just put the character you wish to “mine” in the search box and hit the gold button.

Results are entirely Chinese.

There are a good number of sentences to be found here.  

The site is in Chinese, but is straightforward to use and similar to JuKuu. Just put the character you wish to “mine” in the search box and hit the blue button.

Results contain English translations, but they are far from reliable.  Stick to the Chinese and translate yourself.

Corpus Leeds

This site is in English, but looks outdated.  

The sheer number of “Chinese only” results it yields can be a bit overwhelming.  

Overall, not as user friendly in my opinion as the other sites on this list.

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