Firefox Extensions for Chinese Language Learners

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Popup Dictionary

Hover over a Chinese word and the extension gives you the pronunciation and definition.

“It’s like browsing Chinese with training wheels.” – Perapera

Tong Wen Tang S➜T / T➜S

This extension allows you to switch web pages from Simplified to Traditional characters and vice versa.

ZhongWen C➜E Dictionary


Look up more than 100,000 words while reading website just by pointing at the words with your mouse.

Includes grammar and usage notes for more than 400 keywords.

Skritter users can add new words to their study list with a simple keystroke.

Allows you to save words to a built-in word list.

Create Anki flashcards by importing the text file exported from the built-in word list.

Easily look up sample sentences on

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