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Chinese Learning Apps

This page is divided into two sections, here are jump links and a tally of available resources:

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These Apps are geared toward Generalized Learning, we also have App collections for learning Characters, Reading and more!
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Free Apps

Ankidroid Flashcards is a spaced repetition flashcard program that is invaluable to language learners.

It can help you memorize virtually anything. It is my go-to flashcard app for language learning.

Available Platforms:  Android (Free).  Anki for iOS users $24.99.

Chinese Skill

Game Style

Chinese Skill is a great app for beginners.  It features an adorable Panda to guide you on your learning journey.  

Through games you can learn such things as foods, numbers, colors and more.

Available Platforms:  iOS and Android


Learn Language in Context Free.

Clozemaster is a very popular app that helps you to learn sentences and vocabulary.

It uses “fill in the blank” style exercises for which you either type your answer or choose from multiple choices.

Sentences can be filtered by HSK level.

You must sign up to save your progress.

Available Platforms:  Web, Android and iOS.


game style

Duolingo is the most popular gamification learning app.

While all learning content is free, you do have to watch ads and encounter other annoying things related to “health,” etc. to save your $.

The premium paid edition is ad free and offers quizzes and offline courses.

There is also a web based version as well.

Google Chrome offers a Duolingo addon that allows you to switch between Simplified and Traditional characters here.

Available Platforms:  iOS and Android

HSK Locker

This very simple app is quite useful.  It is based on HSK test type questions and uses a spaced repetition algorithm.

If you are a more advanced student, however, you may have some irritation in the beginning as Vocabulary starts at absolute beginner and unlocks slowly.

Available Platforms:  Android only.

JW Language

With JW Language you can learn how to say the books of the bible with audio lessons, matching games and flash cards.  

Grammar and useful vocabulary are also taught.  Both Simplified and Traditional Chinese is available.  

Available Platforms:  iOS, Android, Microsoft & Amazon

Learn Chinese

This is a great app if you are planning travel to China or just want to get your feet wet learning Chinese.

Learn pinyin, beginner vocabulary and basic sentences.

2000 most popular Chinese words are included, along with famous idioms.

Audio is included.

Available Platforms: Android Only.

Learn Chinese Communication

Traveling to China?  This app works offline.  

Learn more than 2,000 essential words and phrases, covering over 16 topics.

You can save your “favorite” words and phrases, and native audio is included. 

Available Platforms: Android Only.

Learn Chinese 10000

Ankidroid Flashcards is a spaced repetition flashcard program that is invaluable to language learners.

It can help you memorize virtually anything. It is my go-to flashcard app for language learning.

Available Platforms:  Android and iOS.


Loecsen provides “survival” conversational Chinese (and other languages) for travelers.

Sentences are accompanied by sketch pictures to illustrate the situation where conversation happens.

Available Platforms: Website, Android and iOS.


Memrise focuses heavily on learning words and phrases.Lessons introduce new new words or phrases which are pronounced and translated.  You can then add your own mnemonic to help you remember the new material.

Free users have access to the first three of six learning modules.  However, there is a large selection of user created content that you can access free.  

The quality of user created content varies, but some of it is awesome.

Available Platforms:  Web, iOS and Android.

Standard Mandarin

Standard Mandarin specializes in getting your pronunciation right.  

It even tells you what facial muscles to use to get your pronunciation more native sounding.  

Available Platforms:  iOS (Free, $9.99 to remove ads) and Mac Edition ($39.95).

Paid Apps

These apps may contain “trial material” that is free, but it is listed here if overall it is a paid app.

Chinesimple HSK

Chinesimple is a suite of 5 different apps.  Each app covers one HSK level.  HSK levels 1-5 are available.

Here is the information on HSK 1 from Google Play (each level is similar):

The new Chinese HSK Level 1 will allow you to easily and interactively dominate the official HSK Level 1. You will find a full HSK 1 dictionary and a comprehensive list of sentences and expressions spread over 9 very everyday topics.

But there are more: 15 different games, 150 Picturecard/Flashcard, +3000 challenges and 33 achievements are waiting for you. With Chinese HSK Level 1 you will listen, speak, write and play while you are checking your progress. Full stats will show your learning progress and mistakes.

Dominate this Chinese level easily!

● Dictionary with the 150 HSK level 1 words
● 150 Picturecard/Flashcard HSK level 1 words
● Simplified and Traditional hanzi characters
● Save your words in your starred list
● Search words by meaning, hanzi or pinyin
● Voice search (Chinese and English, requires internet connection)
● 247 sentences and expressions spread over 9 everyday topics
● Chinese lessons (only in English, requires internet connection)
● 15 different games
● 33 achievements
● +3000 challenges
● Chinese stroke order
● Hanzi color tones
● All audio content is recorded by a Chinese native
● Possibility to record your own audio pronunciation
● Voice Recognition (requires internet connection)
● Real-time learning stats
● Check your mistakes
● Adapted for smartphone and tablet
● Available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Pricing: The Pro Version of each HSK Level is $17.99

Available Platforms:  Android and iOS.


for reading

This “subscription” reading app is highly recommended by many professional Chinese teachers.

It contains lessons for all levels from beginner to advanced.

The app allows you to look up any word with a simple tap.  

All sentences have English translations if you get stuck.

Audio is provided in native Chinese.

Over 1,000 lessons are currently available, with 5-6 new ones added weekly.

Pricing: Limited access is free, and subscription prices vary from $11.99 a month to $89.99 for a yearly plan.

Available Platforms:  Android and iOS.

Hello Chinese

game style

This game based app is great for total beginners.

Its bite-sized curriculum covers all aspects: reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary and grammar.

You can record your own voice and the app checks your pronunciation.

Quizzes help you to retain what you’ve learned.

Pricing: They offer a premium plan and a premium plus plan. Durations vary.  One month of premium starts at $8.99 and moves up to $149.99 for one year of premium plus.

Available Platforms:  iOS and Android.

HSK Online

test prep

From the HSK Online site:  Passing your Chinese HSK exams with a high score just got a whole lot easier with HSK Online.

  • Precise: know your exact level
  • Personalized: get a personalized study path
  • Optimized: focus on what you need to excel
  • Convenient: learn anywhere. Save time & money
  • Interactive: get expert guidance

Pricing:  $5.99 monthly to $37.99 lifetime, with other choices in between.  They also offer “essay correction” for a fee.

Available Platforms:  iOS and Android.


L-Lingo allows you to learn 1,000s of words and sentences, complete with images.

Native audio is included, and you can switch between Hanzi and Pinyin.

Pricing: $14.99 for 65 lessons.  $19.99 for 105 lesson or $9.99 per stage, 105 lessons are divided into 3 stages.

10 FREE lessons.

Available Platforms:  Website, iOS and Android.

Learn Chinese 10000

According to its developer, this app contains around 10,000 of the most practical sentences used in dailt Chinese life.  The reviews put the actual number somewhere between 6,500-7k.  That is still a lot of phrases!

Native audio is included but is often at a native pace. Great for listening practice. 

Pricing: A free version of the app is offered.  $9.99 for full version.

Available Platforms:  Android and iOS.


game style

Great way to “test” the Chinese waters to see if you want to dive in.

It provides lessons based on a variety of topics using  gamification.

This app will help you get a basic understanding of vocabulary and sentence structure, but is not for the serious student or advanced learner.

Pricing: $11.99/month to $55.99/year with plans in between.

Available Platforms:  iOS and Android.


game style

Join Lupishu and Nincha through +100 new stages of advanced academic HKS5  content to learn Chinese!

Or start on the HSK World 1 to start as a beginner Chinese learner.

You’ll be delighted to learn Chinese with Nincha into these worlds of Chinese vocabulary, grammar, and dialogues.

It’s time to depart from the constant beginner or intermediate level and move to a fluent Chinese speaker level!

Pricing: Limited access is free, and subscription prices vary from $10 a month to $96 for a yearly plan.

Available Platforms:  Web Edition, iOS and Android.


Learn how to read and write Chinese with the #1 character-learning app.

You choose the vocabulary lists and Skritter handles the rest—a writing coach in the palm of your hand. 

10,000+ characters and 400,000+ words.

Study offline, auto-sync when you reconnect.

Hundreds of textbook lists.

Handwriting recognition with instant feedback.

Advanced study algorithm designed just for Chinese.

Simplified and traditional character support.

Cancel any time, keep reviewing for free.

Pricing: One week free trial, $7.50-14.99/month after that.

Available Platforms:  Web Edition, iOS and Android.

If you have trouble memorizing Chinese characters, then Zizzle is for you.

This app breaks down characters into their component parts.

Images and funny short stories help you remember these components.

Tones are represented by animals which helps you to commit them to memory.

Pricing: One week free trial.  Several subscription durations that start $9.99/month up to 3 years for $159.99.  Or you can choose to buy various character packs for $49.99 each.

Available Platforms:  iOS and Android.

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