Chinese Tools Just for Fun!

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Total Tools Listed: 10 across 4 sites.

Let's Have Some Fun!

Chinese Converter

This site contains 2 Fun Tools.

Is it Simple or Traditional Text? Not sure which character set a block of text is using? Input it and this simple tool will tell you.

Arabic Number Conversion.  Input Arabic (English numerals) to get the Chinese character translation and vice versa.

You can choose from “everyday” Chinese or formal “大写 (dà xiě)” numbers.

Most often, Chinese people rely on the less common/more complicated formal numbers 大写 (dà xiě) for financial situations, such as when writing a check.  This helps to prevent forgeries.  

You can also choose whether or not output includes pinyin.

This site contains 4 Fun Tools.

One of my favorite things  offered is the ability to put any Chinese text on a beautiful Chinese “painting.”

This simple site will also allow you to:

Want a Chinese Calendar that lists the Chinese holidays?  They have you covered there too.

There is also a tool to help you learn how to say family relationships in Chinese.  Want to know how to say “my father’s, father’s, father’s mother?”

Purple Culture

This site contains 3 Fun Tools.

Many features of this site are paid, but you still can have some free fun.

Chinese Bingo Cards anyone? You can make then on Purple Culture here.

You can create a Chinese Character or Pinyin Word Search Puzzle here.    They only allow A4 sized paper free, but you can make do.

Play Chinese Solitaire here.

Ziti Cursive

This site is entirely Chinese.  

Use it to convert any simplified text into an assortment of cursive handwriting fonts.

Results are stunning, and its use is endless.  For me, I am thinking personalized greeting cards.

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