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Instagram Accounts to Learn Chinese ❥

All suggested feeds include original content.  While reposts and shares have their place, and I appreciate them, accounts that only repost the content of others hurt us all in the end. We should instead give our support to actual creators. When a creator’s follow count goes up, it encourages them to keep on creating and we all benefit.

Help Improve This Page: Use an Awesome Account Not Listed?  Broken Link?  Account no longer active?  Please Tell Us.

Total Suggested Accounts: 16



Yep, It’s Me!  Instagram is one of my most successful social media platforms, behind Pinterest, with just over 2.7k followers.

Get a does of bite-sized Chinese learning with posts everyday.  

HSK Vocabulary posts have sample sentences. Plus, audio is planned for just about every future post.

Also learn about new Chinese Song Translations and Blog Posts.  Although subscribing to my YouTube channel and my Blog will get you that information a little quicker. 

See you there!


Their tag line is “learning not memorizing.”  

I particularly enjoy when they breakdown multi-character words into “singular” meanings.  I think this definitely improves retention.

Clearly this is an account worth following.


This feed is run by a native Chinese speaker who is also a certified Chinese teacher.

Her posts are usually a bit beyond beginner level, but still are very useful to newbies.  

Listening Practice anyone? Many post contain short conversations, or at the very least a list of words. Awesome!



Learn a new Chinese phrase everyday!  Posts are complete with native audio, pinyin and an English translation.

I love this feed, its awesome!

Use italki?  She is a teacher on that platform and charges $9US per lesson at the time of this writing.


This is a very popular feed with over 47k followers.  It is ran by the Chinese learning website  

Their posts are both enjoyable and practical.  Pinyin and English are included.  There is not much audio though.

I especially like when their posts contain short lists of related vocabulary with cute picture associations.


There brightly colored feed reminds me that I was a child of the 80s.  The love doesn’t stop there…

I especially like how his daily posts break down phrases into individual characters using entertaining visuals.

His is not a Chinese native, but hey neither am I.



I really, really like this account!  Original art accompanied by useful vocabulary and sample sentences.

The feed is ran by a Chinese teacher from Hong Kong.

Enough said, go follow her now. 🙂


Ran by Juliette, a Chinese native, this feed has it all.  Posts contain vocabulary, sample sentences, grammar, quizzes, audio and sneak peaks into Juliette’s life with her husband, Evan.  

If you enjoy spending time on her feed as much as I do, you can also check out her YouTube channel.


Ran by the Chinese learning website Chinese Zero to Hero. It currently boasts over 33k followers.

Typical of many Chinese learning feeds, posts include HSK vocabulary, sample sentences and the occasional grammar lesson.

Where they shine, however, is their extensive use of IGTV to post high quality learning videos.

Their YouTube channel is the bomb as well!

This account is ran by the Chinese learning website of the same name.  

ChineseFor.Us runs one of my favorite YouTube channels dedicated to Chinese learning.

Their Instagram is just as lovely when you don’t have time for YouTube.



Who doesn’t love ChinesePod? Their Chinese learning site is top notch, but can be a little pricey for many of us.  

No worries.  Their free content is spot on.  They regularly posts very high quality learning videos via Instagram.

If you are anxious to try out the paid content, I have often seen discounts posted.

When you have more time, their YouTube channel is spectacular.



Jen is a native Chinese teacher from Beijing, who has a stunning 36.5k following.

Her tag line is “learn 1-min Chinese per day,” and posts always include audio.

I especially enjoy when she speaks on camera rather than using a graphic.   

She is also a YouTuber but is not as active on that platform. 


This feed is gorgeous!  Posts include two slides.  The first is a beautiful drawing that captures the meaning of the character to be learned.

The second “video” slide is where learning happens. It contains stroke order animation accompanied by native audio of phrases containing the character.

The captions are useful as well. They lists common words that contain the character, along with pinyin and an English translation.


The absolute best thing about this feed besides its awesome simplicity is:

They provide audio for sample sentences!  Yes, you read right!  

They post on Thursdays and Sunday…go hit that follow button!

⬆︎ Wow long name. ⬆︎

This account boasts an impressive 32.2k followers.  

I cannot find a pattern as to their posting schedule, it seems a bit random.  When they do post, however, the content is very useful.

Their bio indicates that personal lessons are available for 80 RBM per hour.  If you are interested, that is $11.54US at the time of this writing.

Check it out!


Chinese words are presented preciously, along side occasional posts of her beautiful family.

Slides include native audio, and both simplified and traditional characters.

Captions have pinyin and English translations.

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