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Interpreter Mode is a feature in Google Assistant by which it translates conversations in real-time.

It works with 44 languages, and is invoked by saying commands such as “Hey Google, help me speak Arabic.”

When enabled, the Assistant can translate and read your speech out loud, and on your screen, you can see Smart Replies that let you respond without speaking, which speeds up the conversation. – By Google

Available Platforms:  iOS, Android, Google speaker, Smart display, your Google enabled car, TV, laptop, smart watch and more.

LingoCloud -


This link above is for iOS.  Here is the Android version albeit not on Google Play.

LingoCloud offers Real-time Voice Translation between Chinese and English.

Whether you are learning Chinese or traveling to China for work or tourism, LingoCloud is here to help you overcome language barriers, enjoy human interactions, and make the most of your language experience.


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