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Fanyi Baidu

Besides the usual features you find in online translators, Fanyi Baidu allows you to translate entire websites.

 Just paste the URL, and click on the button “翻译”.

By Microsoft

This site is very similar to Google Translate.

In addition to translating text that you paste into the site, you can translate an entire URL.

By Google

I use Google Translate all the time!  Don’t discount it.

Besides the usual Chinese Characters, it also allows pinyin, zhuyin and handwritten input.  

To change input method, select Chinese as the first language. Then, click on the “拼” in the bottom right corner of the left input box.

While its “translation” ability often leaves much to be desired, I like using it to convert large blocks of text to pinyin.

Pinyin appears under the Chinese text and can be copied and then pasted elsewhere.

Lingo Cloud


This is the very best machine translator I have found for Chinese.

It was created by Chinese natives.  Give it a try!

With Yandex you can translate test and  a website URL.

What is unique is that you can drag and drop in a document or image for translation.  

At the time of this post, it can translate into 90 languages.

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