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Tone Pairs Practice


Tone pairs are the key to speaking properly in full sentences.  On its own, the 3rd tone is a full falling and rising tone.  In everyday speech, however, it is said much differently.  Only by practicing the 3rd tone in combination with other tones will you advance.

Special thanks to HackingChinese.com. This material is based on their word lists.

Tone Pair Drills w/ Native Audio

This practice has 4 sections.  Each section contains five tables, one for each possible tone combination.  Tables contain 50 words taken from all 6 levels of the HSK. Printable PDFs of the word lists are available.

Native audio is looped so each word will play over and over until you click on another word.  

Tone Pairs Practice Video Series

This series is has 4 parts.  Each part has 5 videos, one for each possible tone combination. Videos contain 50 words taken from all 6 levels of the HSK. A native speaker pronounces each word, and time is given for you to repeat the words aloud. 

Want to listen to just the audio?  You can, and it loops for your studying pleasure. Downloadable PDFs are available for study on the go.

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