Update Regarding Release of HSK 4 Vocabulary Pages

Work is well underway on bringing you Vocabulary Pages for all 600 words that make up HSK level 4.

Rather than make you wait until all 600 pages are completed, finished pages will be released weekly.    

These pages will follow the pattern we set for HSK 1, HSK 2, and HSK 3 words.  One Chinese word is featured on each page and contains a wealth of additional information, including:  

  • Picture association;
  • Native audio;
  • English definitions ;
  • Simplified and Traditional characters;
  • Pinyin;
  • Classifiers (measure words) when applicable;
  • Links to all the words that the characters form in other HSK levels;
  • Stoke order pictures;
  • Character components; and
  • Sample sentences that include Hanzi, Pinyin, and English.

The links to finished pages are available here.  If a page is not complete, you will still find pinyin, traditional characters, and English for those words.

If you accidentally navigate to an unfinished page, you will see “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” at the top of the page so that you can quickly move on.

Native audio is available on completed Vocabulary pages.  However, you can listen to a compilation of all 600 HSK 4 words here.


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