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We Love Our Community & Want to Hear From You

My vision for is to gradually become an indispensable instrument designed to assist you with learning the Mandarin language for FREE.  Why gradually you ask?  I am a “one person team.”

Designing and its content alone means that there is no one to brainstorm with, or is there?  When people come together, what can be built becomes virtually limitless.  So please, click the “Contact Us” button and share your favorite free learning resources with me, or tell me you’d like to see on the site.  If your ideas are used, you will receive credit.  More importantly, you will be “adding a building block” to the site that everyone in the community can benefit from.

Now for a real-life example. Before Miss Edward (one of my YouTube followers) contacted me, I have never heard of the 2015 Chinese drama, 羋月傳 “The Legend of Mi Yue.” Miss Edward, on the other hand, spent much time searching in vain for an English translation of its end theme. Although I have no plans to seek out and watch the drama, I do like its end theme. If she had not contacted me, this song might have never hit my radar, but it has, and now I pass it on to you my lovely followers.  You can find my translation video below and sing along with Miss Edward and me.  Now, please, go hit that “Contact Us” button and talk to me. 

Want to check out the lastest MandoPop videos I have translated?  Click here.  Plus, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel where you will find even more songs that I have translated.  Enjoy!  保重!

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