How to Create Your Own Printable Flashcards


Here we teach you how to create your own printable flashcards cards and share our templates with you. Prefer to download one of our Printable Decks? Click here.

I. Videos: How to Create Your Own Flashcards Using Word

This tutorial teaches two methods of creating flashcards.  The first uses the 3×3 template available above.  The second creates cards that you can then print on regular Index cards.

This tutorial teaches you how to create flashcards using “tables” in Word.  Want to skip creating a table yourself?  Just download the table I created in this video from the templates section above.

Kimberly Nguyen

II. Flashcard Templates

Create your own custom cards with these Word templates.  The 2×1, 2×2, 3×3 and 8×2 templates below are NOT “multi-table” format.  In the video below, I discourage templates created with a multi-table format because it causes editing problems.  

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