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07/20/21 – We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you more free learning videos.  Check out our YouTube Channel and the Lessons Page on the website to see what’s new.

06/28/21 – The book “Basic Theocratic Expression” has been converted to a glossary format complete with native audio.  A link can be found in the main menu above and here.  Please allow a few seconds for it to load as it contains almost 8,000 entries! 

06/28/21 – We have been in the process of updating our Tones Pair Practice Videos. Videos with English and Picture Associations are now available for all 1st tone combinations.  See them here.

06/06/21 – Did you know that we have released new 26 learning in the last 28 days?  We did!  Plus, most have free printable PDFs available. Check our Lessons page and look for the flames (🔥 NEW!).  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel too, so you never miss a video!

05/31/21 – While the site was down for maintenance, we released new videos and PDFs.  Please visit our Lessons / Build Your Vocabulary section and look for the flames (🔥 NEW!).

05/09/21 – Our new “Around the House Series” is now in production.  In part 1, you will learn Rooms in the House in Chinese along with vocabulary related to things in the yard and more!  A FREE PDF is also available.  See it HERE.

05/08/21 – We have revamped our Lessons page to help you find things quicker.  Check it out HERE!

05/08/21 – HSK links can only be found in the main menu now.  This was done to speed up the loading of the website on mobile devices.

05/05/21 – We have released several new videos and have several new FREE PDFs available.  CLICK HERE and look for the 🔥.

05/03/21 – In about 2 weeks will be rolling out our new HSK 1 3.0 glossary with audio.  You will be able to choose between the old HSK 1 list and the new one. Watch for it!  We will also announce it here.

04/30/21 – Part 1 of our new HSK 1 3.0 Sentences video is  now available.  See it HERE.

04/28/21 –All 4-parts of our new HSK video series is now available.  A 5th, 10 hour, “while you sleep” version of all 4 videos together is also available now.

We have also released part 1 of our new “Movies & Film” series.  The series will equip you with all the vocabulary and dialogue you need to talk about movies and film production.  Enjoy!

We have released the first video in a n

04/25/21 – We have released a beautiful new 4-part video series based on the NEW HSK 1 Vocabulary List. You may have heard by now the new list will be official later in the year. The videos have picture association for you visual learners like me.  

04/20/21 – Parts 4 and 5 of our Shopping video series was released today.  In Part 4, you will learn to navigate Chinese Sales Ads.  Then, part 5 will equip you with 242 Vocabulary and Phrases to use on your next Chinese shopping trip.  Enjoy!

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