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Please meet your tour guide and personal cheerleader, Barry!  Barry’s videos are not typical learning videos.  Instead, he provides useful background information and tips to help you succeed.


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03/01/21 – I took some time off — life happens, but I am back.  I will release a new song translation soon and have a new glossary section coming not long after that.  Stay tuned.

Also, I contacted the ad company to remove many of the experience disturbing ads appearing at the top of all web pages.  

12/27/20 – We have added 8 Resources to find a Chinese Language Exchange Partner here.

12/26/20 – A new song is available on our Chinese Song Translations page.  少年 Youth 我還是從前那個少年 I Am Still The Youth I Used To Be by 夢然 Miya. (Update 12/28 Version with pinyin available now).

12/21/20 – A new song is available on our Chinese Song Translations page.  I subbed “Mr. Perfect” by Fahrenheit at the request of @Nitaa愛 JWG, one of my YouTube followers and a Jiro Wang fan.

12/19/20 – Our growing vocabulary list of 7,500 conversational and theocratic (“bible”) terms needs an upgrade.  Every word and phrase has native audio.  In its past life, it spanned 144 webpages, making searching it a real chore.  Recently, it was combined into one searchable page making its valuable content more discoverable.  However, the page’s loading time is now horrible, especially on mobile devices. . .

I spent several days searching for a free solution without success. If you appreciate this unique vocabulary list, please consider a small donation to help us add a glossary plugin to the site. This will allow future expansion of the many unique terms not found in other mainstream dictionaries.  Plus, it can be used in other areas of the site and page loading times will improve.  Currently, ads do not cover our hosting and other costs.  If small donations are combined, we can make this plugin a reality.  Thank you for your consideration and for your help in bringing free Chinese to our community.

12/18/20 – Ep. 5 of Lesson Pages w/ Barry is now available! Check out “Perfecting Chinese Tones” here.

12/17/20 – Our Pinyin Drills pages have received an upgrade try them out here:  Initials or Finals.

12/16/20 – Our “Conversational & Bible” Vocabulary List of over 7,500 words and phrases just received an upgrade. There is now a search box that allows you to search all the entries.  Also, the entire list is available on 1 page rather than 144.  Enjoy!

12/15/20 – The “Resources & Tools” page has been renamed “Resources.”

12/14/20 – We now link to 48 Quizlet Flashcards decks designed to help you learn Chinese.  Find them under the Flashcards tab in the main menu or use the link in this update.  Enjoy!

12/14/20 – We now list 111 YouTube Channels from which you can learn Chinese free and get valuable Cultural insights!  Find this and more Resources & Tools HERE.

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