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04/20/21 – Parts 4 and 5 of our Shopping video series was released today.  In Part 4, you will learn to navigate Chinese Sales Ads.  Then, part 5 will equip you with 242 Vocabulary and Phrases to use on your next Chinese shopping trip.  Enjoy!

04/19/21 – The contact us form has been fixed.  It was reported that the recaptcha was not allowing messages to be sent.  You can now Contact Us using the link in the footer of any page on the site.

04/13/21 – You may notice changes to the HSK Vocabulary Pages as we make preparations for HSK 3.0 that is scheduled for release later in the year.

04/13/21 –  Part 2 of our Shopping Series is now available – Online Shopping.  Grab a Free PDF too! 

04/12/21 – Barry’s back with 15 tips to help you build your Chinese Vocabulary.  See the Video HERE.

04/12/21 – Our new Shopping Video series is in production.  Part 1 – Learn 125 Brand Names in Chinese + 15 Bonus Vocab and a Free PDF  is now available.  

04/08/21 – Learn 85 parts of the Body with our new video and printable PDF HERE. 

04/07/21 – I am excited to tell you our latest indepth video All About Money is now up on the site.  It took me an entire week to put it together.  I wanted to share with you everything I possibly could about Money.  I hope you enjoy it!

04/01/21 – We have just released a new video wherein you will learn how to ask and answer “What is Your Nationality?”  The video contains the names of 72 Countries!  A Free PDF and an Anki Deck is also available.

03/30/21 – 3 new OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools are available in our Resources section. OCR allows you to extract text from pictures and paste it anywhere.  You can even screenshot things with your phone and convert the text to something you can edit.  I have also created an instructional video for your reference.  See the video and resources HERE.

03/30/21 – A brand new video is available to teach you 202 Useful Vocabulary & Phrases with respect to Conversations at a Hotel.  A free PDF is also available.

03/28/21 – The Reptiles section of our Animal Kingdom video is HERE. Free PDF also available!

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