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Resources to Learn Chinese

Enjoy over 400+ Resources to help you Learn Chinese, most are FREE. From Audio Books and Dramas to Chinese Radio and YouTube Channels.  

Chinese Song Translations

Here you’ll find our growing collection of Chinese Song Translations.

HSK & YCT Practice Tests

Our catalog includes over over 70 tests.  You will find both written and oral tests.


Here you can find our growing collection of  Anki decks, printable flashcards & Quizlet decks.  Also, learn to create your own Anki decks or use a free Word template.  

Lessons & Vocabulary Building

Here we group together our own original videos and materials, and those of other creators, by subject to help you learn basic Chinese FREE.  

Theocratic Chinese for JWs

Based on the book “Basic Theocratic Expressions,” our extensive list has over 7,500 words and phrases with native audio to help you speak confidently about a variety of topics. 

Tones Pairs Practice

Tone pairs are the key to speaking properly in full sentences.  On its own, the 3rd tone is a full falling and rising tone.  In everyday speech, however, it is said much differently.  Only by practicing the tones in combination with other tones will you advance.

Writing Practice

Free printable practice sheets to start you on your Chinese writing journey.

Free Printables

Here you will find all the printable materials available on the site grouped together on one page. 

Blog Posts

Chinese Street Graffiti - Learn to Write Chinese
Let's Learn Mandarin

Advice for English Speakers Learning to Write Chinese

Since I started tutoring to help others with their Mandarin Chinese, I began proofreading many many essays. Consequently, this led me to find common mistakes that Chinese learners often make when writing Mandarin Chinese. Here are some systematic mistakes that

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Chinese man looking a macbook learning Exceptions to Pinyin
Let's Learn Mandarin

A Complete List of Exceptions in Pinyin

When you first learn a new language, it is very important to read the pronunciation system correctly.   As a Korean and English learner, it took me three entire months to adequately figure out the pronunciation to the point that I

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