NEWS:  HSK 5 & HSK 6 PAGES ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Stay tuned and enjoy the rest of the site, and HSK 1-4!

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09/13/20 – I took some time off from updating the site to learn how to update it offline.  In this way I can make edits more quickly not having to depend on an internet connection.  

I am happy to report I have completed the learning process, and hope to bring you a major update very soon.

08/12/20 – Work is continuing on HSK 5.  As it is 1300 words and I am one person, it is taking a bit longer than I hoped.  Stay tuned.

07/20/20 – By popular request “no right click” has been disabled so that you can copy and paste the “Chinese” into dictionaries, etc.

07/20/20 – The link issues and other errors have been fixed on the tone pairs pages.  Thank you to the user who reported the issues to me.

07/20/20 – Work on HSK 5  Vocabulary is still underway. Please stay tuned.   I have big dreams for this completely FREE site. 

07/08/20 – By popular demand, we now have a video tutorial available here, which teaches you how to quickly create Anki flashcard decks with images using CSV files.

07/04/20 – Two new “Learn All The Sounds of Pinyin video is available here. All Chinese words with the finals “ie” and “in” are represented in one video and the words with the finals “ing” “iong” and “iou” are in the other.  Enjoy!

06/26/20 – You may have noticed we have several new HSK sample tests available.  Actual tests from 2013 are in the process of being uploaded.  When complete, we will make an official announcement on the blog.

Much progress has been made on HSK 5 Vocabulary pages.  All the pictures and data is now ready for upload.  Stay tuned as I work to make this FREE site, the best possible.

06/24/20 – A new video in our learn “Bible Mandarin” series (Part 5) is available here.

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