Frequently Asked Questions

Bible Vocabulary: The audio is not working on my Apple device. How can I fix it?

No worries, we can help you.  CLICK HERE for step-by-step directions.

Do you offer documents in Word or another editable format?

No.  Currently, we only offer printables in PDF format.  If it is flashcards you are after, we have videos and editable Word templates available to help you create your own.

Do you offer individualized classes?

No.  Our website is designed for self-taught language learners or those looking to supplement classes they receive elsewhere. 

I have a product that will improve your site, the traffic to your site, your social media following, etc., will you consider purchasing it?

No.  We will not purchase any product we did not personally pursue.

How can I increase the volume on your website?

Please use Google Chrome or Firefox when viewing the site. If the volume is still too low, please try a volume booster extension such as those described in the video below.

On mobile?  Try using a Volume Booster app such as this one for Android: Volume Booster GOODEV

I do not endorse these tools, but are simply giving you a starting point to resolve your audio issues.

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