Are You a Chinese Student Studying in the UK?

Are you studying Chinese in the United Kingdom? If so, please take a brief moment to help a fellow student, Paulina, with her Master’s Research. Your time is very appreciated.

Hello! My name is Paulina, I study in London, but I’m originally from Poland. I’ve been very interested in Chinese culture and language, so I decided to research the topic of Chinese students for my Master’s degree. 

My purpose is to better understand Chinese culture, beliefs, and the intentions of young people. Due to COVID-19, I have had some difficulties in finding participants as everything must be done online. Therefore, I would really appreciate your help!

The topic is ‘Chinese University students in the UK. How does studying in the UK affect their entrepreneurial intentions?’.

Please fill in my 5-minute survey and send it to your friends if you are:

  • from China
  • or from Hong Kong
  • and a current student in the UK of any level and any degree

Here is a link to the survey:

It will only take you 5-minutes, but will literally save my research!

Thank you,

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