Quickly Improve Chinese Pronunciation With Tone Pairs Practice

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Mastering tone pairs are the key to speaking properly in full sentences.  If you aren’t using Tone Pairs Practice to improve your Chinese pronunciation, do yourself a favor and start now.  

Practicing Chinese using single-syllable words just doesn’t cut it.  Why? People speak in sentences.  When you add tones to the mix, single-syllable words do not allow you to grasp the rhythm of speaking Chinese like a native.

Of course, you could practice reading sentences aloud, but this is not at all ideal.  Why?  If you cannot pronounce two-syllable words correctly, you will slaughter sentences.  Just like everything we learn in life, you do not start at the finish line.  Proper tones are vital in Chinese.  Get them wrong, and you say unintended words.  Thus, spend the needed time to perfect your tones.  

Have I whet your appetite for tone pairs?  If so, you will be happy to hear that Part 3 of my 4 part series:  “Tone Pairs Practice” is now available to help get you to your goal quicker.  The series combines videos with native audio and downloadable MP3s and PDFs.  

Each video contains 50 words taken from all 6 levels of the HSK.  After a native pronounces the word, time is given for you to repeat the word aloud.

The series is found in the main menu under “Chinese Lessons > Tone Pairs Practice” or CLICK HERE to start studying now.  Before you know it, we will all sound native!

Still need more convincing?  Check out my previous blog post on this subject here.  Enjoy!

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